How To Maintain A Healthy Quarantined Life 

How To Maintain A Healthy Quarantined Life 

Maintaining a healthy quarantined life is everybody’s goal nowadays. Here’s how to achieve this while also fighting stress and anxiety.

The pandemic has placed almost everyone in the gutter. The fear and panic have led us to lock ourselves in the comfort of our homes.

For two years, we tried to stay afloat amidst the drastic changes. It has been challenging to survive while keeping our body and mind intact.

But as we try to avoid going outside, we also limit our physical activities. The increased anxiety and stress levels can make things worse for us. In the end, our physical and mental health suffer.

In this article, we will talk about our health struggles and share tips on achieving a healthy quarantined life.

7 Steps In Maintaining A Healthy Quarantined Life

If you want to stay healthy both during and after the quarantine, you need to pay attention to these seven tips:

1. A Balanced Diet

Having a balanced diet has always been the number one tip when discussing a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, people still do not realize its fundamental importance.

Our preference for fatty, salty, and sweet foods can lead to hypertension and diabetes.

In a 2021 study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), it was found that 1.28 billion people were living with hypertension. About 700 million were untreated or undetected. Some risk factors include excessive salt intake, high saturated and trans fat diets, and obesity.

With the prevalence of Covid-19, the hospitalization risk is higher. Health institutions warned people with comorbidities to be more careful.

Different studies by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that obesity increased the risk of hospitalization by 3.07 times. The need for invasive mechanical ventilation, ICU admission, and death was 1.42 times higher.

In another study, hypertension was another predictor for increased comorbidity.

Another Chinese study adhered to it, showing that hypertension increased ICU admissions, mortality, and severe sickness.

Knowing the right kind and amount of food has become more important than ever. It has become more crucial in becoming healthier and lessening the risk of severe cases.

We must limit foods with high sodium, sugar, and fats, mainly processed meats.

Choose plant-based foods with about two-thirds of the plate filled with vegetables and fruits.

Try to look for recipes to make your meals more flavorful, and drink plenty of water.

2. Avoid Or Limit Cigarette And Alcohol Intake

Cigarette smoking and alcoholic drinks are often associated with deadly diseases. Diabetes, pulmonary diseases, eye problems, hypertension, and arthritis are common long-term effects.

The WHO warns about the increased risk of COVID-19 infection associated with cigarette smoking. Both may damage the lungs and lead to severe diseases quickly. It was proven by a study conducted by the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

Moreover, these studies show the benefits of quitting cigarette smoking. Blood circulation and lung function may improve within two to twelve weeks. Within one to nine months, shortness of breath and coughing become less frequent.

However, it can be challenging due to some withdrawal symptoms. Fortunately, there are better alternatives cigarette smokers can switch to. The best examples are hemp cigarettes and herbal cigarettes, such as Oklahoma Smokes.

3. Exercise Often

Often, doing exercise seems challenging, especially now that we can hardly go to the gym. But it’s such a good thing that even exercises are evolving. That is why it’s necessary to look for alternative ways to exercise.

Know that it benefits not only our physical health but even our mental and emotional state. This improves blood flow and uplifts moods.

The University of Texas advises that a person aims for about 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of strenuous exercise every week.

Aside from lifting weights and running on treadmills, jogging in an open area is possible.

Swimming, cycling, and brisk walking are other forms of exercise.

Yoga can make your focus, mood, and body healthier.

Joining or watching dance classes may also help you stay active and happy.

4. Take Time To Clear Your Mind

The combined pressure from your work and the pandemic may increase stress levels. Taking short breaks will help.

You may do breathing exercises for three minutes, improving concentration and blood pressure.

Doing some stretching, meditation, or walking may relieve the tension and relax the body.

Stay away from computers and mobile phones while doing these.

If these are not enough, you may do the Pomodoro Technique and even power naps.

5. Get An Adequate Amount Of Sleep

Most adults need to sleep for at least seven hours daily. Some even get eight or nine hours to recharge.

Drinking milk, reading a book for a few minutes, and eating cheese improve the quality of sleep.

Turning off mobile devices or putting them in silent mode thirty minutes before bed is helpful.

6. Practice Proper Hygiene

Washing hands for at least twenty seconds is more crucial today. Taking a bath after going out lessens the risk of infection.

Follow health protocols like social distancing, especially when you have comorbidities.

Avoid touching your face, especially when you are outside.

7. Stay Connected

Depression and anxiety have become more rampant during the pandemic. Marital problems and suicides have become more prevalent.

A study by the WHO shows that the pandemic caused a 25 percent increase in anxiety and depression.

No man is an island. Believe in the importance of connecting with your family and friends personally or through social media. In remote work setups, huddles boost the morale of employees.

Key Takeaways

The pandemic has been a game-changer for many people and businesses. But the world continues to revolve and go on.

Maintaining your body and mind strong and healthy is a giant step amidst these turbulent times. Know that you matter, and you must keep going.

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