Fruit And Calories Content

Fruit And Calories Content


Discovered by Christopher Columbus in West Indies, delicious pineapple just arrived in Europe in the sixteenth century. Here he has quickly gained followers after being grown in greenhouses.

100 Grams of fresh pineapple contains:

– Calories: 52;
– Carbohydrate 12 g;
– Glycemic index: 66;
– Fibre: 1.2 g;
– Vitamin C: 25 mg.

100 Grams of pineapple compote contain:

– Calories: 83;
– Carbohydrate: 20g;
– Fiber: 3 g;
– Vitamin C: 15mg;
– Vitamin E: 3.2 mg.


Banana is an herbaceous plant, whose strains disappear after the period of fruit formation. This is why the Buddha made ​​from banana symbol of the fragility of things. The wise meditate on the fleeting nature of things, stood at the foot of a banana, is one of the themes of classical Chinese painting. There was banana in ancient times, and in America, Incas considered it a productive tree. Rich in starch, it is a food typical of tropical countries.

100 Grams of fruit contain:

– Calories: 83;
– Carbohydrates: 19 g;
– Glycemic index: 54;
– Fibre: 3.4 g;
– Vitamin C: 10 mg.

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