Low-Calorie Sweets And Deserts You Can Eat While Dieting

Low-Calorie Sweets And Deserts You Can Eat While Dieting

Sweets are the enemy of everyone who’s dieting. Because of this, we’ve decided to look for the tastiest sweets and, at the same time, with the fewest calories possible.

We’ve compiled a list of five goodies that you can keep eating even when dieting.

This means that you must calculate calories from your food, and eat sweets within a caloric limit that you have set as a baseline.

Low-Calorie Sweets

Here are some low-calorie sweets you can eat while you’re on a diet:

1. Cherries Jubilee Ice Cream


Because it’s summer, and summer means swimming and ice cream, I’ve prepared a perfect dessert: small cherries jubilee ice cream.

It contains about 150 calories per cup, so be careful to not exceed two cups of ice cream.

2. Yoplait Whisp! Cherry Cheesecake


This isn’t really cheesecake, but your brain will be fooled when you dig into this delightfully light treat. You’ll also be getting five grams of protein and a little calcium. And it contains 140 calories.

3. Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Creme Frappuccino

Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Creme Frappuccino

Sometimes your dessert desire strikes in the mid-afternoon. This blended drink has the creaminess of a much richer indulgence but way fewer calories and no fat provided you order it tall with non-fat milk. It contains 140 calories.

4. Jell-O Chocolate Pudding Snack


Just had the worst day ever? Don’t make it even worse by ruining your diet with a pan of brownies. These little single-serving cups will satisfy your need for chocolate while keeping your calorie count in check. It contains only 100 calories.

5. Dole Banana Dippers


Bananas aren’t just for your smoothies anymore. These new snack packs from Dole feature the fruit frozen, dipped in chocolate, and then covered in almonds for a satisfying crunch. Contains 120 calories per pack.

These sweets are good for those who diet and count their calories. If you want to lose weight and you get the craving for some sweets, these are your choices. Just don’t forget they are NOT CALORIE FREE. Enjoy!

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