Calories And Exercises | A Balanced Body

Calories And Exercises | A Balanced Body

Exercise as you eat

Many times you have heard that the amount of calories that enter the body must be equal to the amount that get out. We can not calculate exactly but we can approximate calories. Try to calculate approximately how many assimilated your body. For a healthy lifestyle, it is true, we must have a balanced diet.

Calories and exercises

To convert calories into energy and remove them, you must eat according to how much you exercise. For example, if you go to the gym 3 times a week, take three healthy meals a day. If you train in the gym 5-6 times a week then you should take four meals a day.

Starvation is sickness

Depending on the energy exhausted, try to assimilate as many calories. You risk a lot if you want to lose weight “overnight”. If you starve yourself and go through tough workouts you will most likely get sick. Our body is like a car: you can drive it as far as it has gas. Depending on how and what we eat, we have to exercise.

What’s your body fat?

When you want to lose weight, you have to consider the gender. An ideal body fat range for females is 15 percent and for males 10 percent. So when you want to lose weight keep your body fat at these levels.

Different types of calories

Keep in mind that all calories are not created equal. One thousand calories of chips does not have the same effect than a thousand calories of veggies. Food is important when you want to lose weight. Do not starve yourself! If you starve, you don’t just reduce unsightly fat, but muscle mass. And to be fit, you need muscle. And you will not have vigor to exercise.

Eat as much as you exercise! This is one of the important principles for a healthy lifestyle. Exercise to be fit, not skinny!


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