Overnight Weight Loss – Is It Even Possible?

Overnight Weight Loss – Is It Even Possible?

If someone would say that there is an overnight weight loss diet that is really healthy and it works, what would you think? Well, overnight weight loss myth has some truth. It was published a diet that seems to work faster and was already checked by hundreds.

From the beginning, this diet is different because you are allowed to eat potatoes, pasta and even a glass of wine a day. Permission comes from the Dr. Apovian, director of nutrition and body weight management at the Boston Medical Center, one of the top U.S. hospitals, so we have every reason to follow his advice. The doctor said that his patients lose up to 6 pounds in the first week and in the coming weeks without being hungry or having cravings. Two of the six pounds are lost during sleep, the night after the fasting day included in this program.

How Overnight Weight Loss Diet Works?

This overnight weight loss practically acts on fat stored in the body and forces it to be consumed in the form of energy. In addition, the diet produces a decrease in insulin levels while you sleep, accelerating fat burning during an entire week, especially the fat deposited on the hips and abdomen. Modern diet rich in sugar and super fine grain, increases the insulin levels and water retention in the body, which makes us feel bloated. The overnight weight loss diet promises to solve all these extra pounds problems and give us a good general condition.

About The Program

Each week you have to choose a day (usually the first day) that do not eat solid food but drink only 3 natural shakes prepared at home: morning, noon and night. This day should be Sunday, for example, to deposit as little effort as possible and to relax. Dr. Apovian bases his theory on numerous studies that have shown that if you take a break from solid food from time to time, not only lose weight but improve your health in a long term. The scientific explanation is that we are genetically programmed to don’t eat, occasionally. Fasting periods simulate periods of famine that our ancestors were subject, conveying the message to the brain to don’t store fat and use it as energy instead .

Because it is almost impossible to completely abstain from food one day, the doctor created tasty recipes for shakes, which helps boost HGH levels in the blood, a natural substance that plays a role in growth and which decreases as we age. The higher the level of HGH in the blood, the faster you will lose weight, promises Dr. Apovian. Studies have shown that the HGH level increase naturally if you do not eat solid foods one day a week.

Here you’ll find the incredible shakes recipes and the complete diet program.


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