Protein Shake | How To Properly Prepare One

Protein Shake | How To Properly Prepare One

Forget those boring protein shakes and put creativity “in motion” because today we will discuss interesting and ingenious ideas for you to prepare at your home the best shake in your life. Let’s find out together what are our suggestions, after long trials and large find.

Do not have noticed that your protein shake is a boring one? Any food or nutritious drink you consume, it is recommended to do it for pleasure even when it comes to protein shake. Without great effort, you can turn the shake into a mini-snack, rich in essential nutritional values ​​and perfect taste.

Before we get into the details, please shoot a nice run to the supermarket. It’s not a big problem, because we prepared the shopping list. That’s all you need:

– Whipped cream;
– Milk;
– Mascarpone;
– Cream Cheese;
– If you find natural yogurt or Greek yogurt (we found in Fourchette);
– Coconut;
– Oatmeal;
– Orange juice;
– Fruits (Frozen – Strawberry currant) or jar – jam or honey are perfect;
– Bananas;
– Lemons;
– Lime;
– Pure Dark Chocolate;
– Cocos;
– Peanut butter;
– Almond butter;
– Cocoa powder;
– Vanilla extract;
– Instant coffee;
– Red pepper granulated;
– Spinach;
– Sweetener, but be careful what you choose, do not contain saccharin, acesulfame-K and aspartame.

So how was shopping …. Pleasant, right? To be clear from the start, it is not necessary to purchase the entire list of products, we were so playful. They’re just suggestions, and products will help you get some great cocktails. A lot of these products are perishable, but some of them can sit in the closet a good part of the time, with a shelf big enough.

It’s time to play. At this stage it is advisable to get creative. Think about the type of flavor you prefer and try to mix them in a blender. Even if you are starting out and have no idea how to make an omelet, do not be afraid to experiment. Our recommendation is that initially put in blender products in liquid and powder form, and then start adding small amounts of ingredients that you prefer from the above list. Add them separately, mix them well and test – you like? Go ahead, add another one in the same category. I hope you will not mind to add the spinach and then the chocolate.

Not to complicate your life, you have some great ideas below combined and tested by us:

Protein Shakes

Banana Boom – Add cream, a cup of banana flavored protein powder and peanut butter.

Chocolate Red – Add milk, a cup of chocolate flavored protein powder, a few pieces of dark chocolate and a pinch of red pepper. You wonder how it taste, right? Try it! Plus pepper helps to burn calories.

Morning Shock – A cup of protein powder to coconut and chocolate flavor, vanilla extract, cocoa, half a tablespoon of instant coffee, dark chocolate and milk. It’s a new way to start the morning!

Protein Smoothie – Fruit (strawberry and currant), natural yoghurt and a cup of protein powder that you prefer.

He bulker – two glasses of milk, a cup of cream, a tablespoon or two of mascarpone and a cup of protein powder of your choice. We here have tested it on the crackers flavoured.

Paradise Shake – fresh pineapple, whipped cream or milk (almond, but not mandatory), a cup of vanilla protein, a small amount of currant jam (or frozen if you have), a teaspoon of vanilla extract and the grated coconut topping choice.

Obviously, these are just some of the existing ideas on which you can put into practice. Do not limit yourself, combine, test, use your imagination. Or if you’re man and stubborn, give your sweetheart this article to read it. Certainly women are doing great in this area.

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