Diets, Weight Gain And Women Metabolism

Diets, Weight Gain And Women Metabolism

Why You Should Diet?

Women are bombarded with images of doll-like models – in magazines, movies and on TV – presented as an ideal of beauty. These images can be a powerful force, especially for young people who may come to believe that the lost weight and “keeping a diet” may be a way of life. In this context, the word “diet” does not refer to the belts slimming doctor and for patients with morbid obesity. Diets are dubious if they promise miraculous transformation shortly.

More than a hundred years ago, women did not have time to be so concerned with weight. Preparation of daily food consumed energy and there were few opportunities for you to overeat. Their daily lives require constant energy consumption, almost continuous work in the home and family care. Metabolism has been harmonized with burning calories, few of them saved. Today, women have a more sedentary lifestyle and endless opportunities to save, rather than use energy. But for women since then, and for now, two important issues remain true: foods are good for you, but if you eat more than the body can use, the excess will be stored as fat. For your metabolism to operate at optimum speed, it is necessary combination of physical and chemical processes.

Compliance Diet Convert Food Into Enemies

The diets which are based on grapefruit, cabbage soup, food combinations and even low-fat regimes are not a solution for weight reduction. If you plan to follow a diet because you think it should give yourself time to ponder this fact: the majority of those who follow a regime finally go back to the weight they had before or even more. Most people who start to follow a regime will continue to do so, intermittently for the rest of their lives. If a particular food category are considered to be prohibited, these people will feel guilty if they break the rules, which induces a poor self-image.

Maintaining a diet turns foods into enemies, not a source of energy and well. So-called yo-yo regimes – losing weight, gaining weight, losing weight again and so on – have negative effects on health. If you suddenly reduce your food intake, your body is designed for survival, their metabolic rate will slow to conserve energy more efficiently. This explains why people who follow a diet crave snacks like chocolate, they provide a quick source of energy, and why weight loss slows down dramatically after the first 2 weeks.

Weight loss in the first weeks of the radical diet is not based as many women think, on unwanted fat. At first, they lose those carbohydrates stored in muscle and liver as glycogen. This is why you feel tired during such a diet and have less power to lift weights and run – because losing muscle torch. Lose and plenty of water, which shuts you to feel less energized and slender, but in reality in your body is the same amount of fat.

Obesity And Weight Loss

Obese women have an excessive amount of fat, which may affect their medical and psychological condition. Dietitians working with medics to recommend and oversee a program allowing slimming weight loss over time, while rethink the eating habits. In this sense, they are based on LEARN – an acronym for lifestyle, exercise, attitudes, relationships and nutrition – that seeks significant factors in these women’s lives and give reasonable goals and a way to understand why each of them may influence their body weight. Poor or very poor calorie diets medically supervised are designed to produce rapid weight loss while maintaining nutritional needs. The energy comes from stored fat, which encouraged exercise prescription based on the health of women and its degree of overweight. In some cases, and medicines can be prescribed.


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