The Complete Guide To Get Toned And Lean Arms

The Complete Guide To Get Toned And Lean Arms

5. Rear Deltoid

Exercising your rear deltoids will assist you in burning fat and building muscle. This move will strengthen your back and core while toning strong, lean arms.

Here’s how to perform dumbbell rows:

  1. Keep both your back and head entirely straight during the motion to keep from straining your neck.
  2. Place your left hand on a bench or a chair.
  3. Bend your hips and tighten your abs.
  4. Hold a dumbbell in your right arm, and let your arm hang straight while keeping your shouders square.
  5. Bend your elbow up and out until your elbow is in line with your shoulder. Your arm should form a perpendicular angle to your body.
  6. Hold for one second.
  7. Lower your arm back to its starting position.
  8. Perform 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps with each arm.

Toned And Lean Arms Rear deltoid

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