15 Min At-Home Dumbbell Abs Workout

15 Min At-Home Dumbbell Abs Workout

This at-home dumbbell abs workout promises you a stronger core in just 15 minutes a day. Here are the abs exercises to follow along.

You can target your abdominal muscles at home without any special equipment, except a single not-so-heavy dumbbell and maybe a yoga mat.

And the fun part is that there are 15 different ab exercises, so you won’t get bored while repeating the same exercises over and over.

Each exercise lasts for 50 seconds and you get a 10-second rest in between exercises to prepare for the next move.

15 Dumbbell Abs Exercises

Here are the exercises you need to perform in order to reap all the benefits of this at-home dumbbell abs workout:

1. Straight Arm Crunch (50 seconds + 10 seconds rest)

2. Toe Reach Crunch (50 seconds + 10 seconds rest)

3. Crunch Pulses (50 seconds + 10 seconds rest)

4. Butterfly Crunch (50 seconds + 10 seconds rest)

5-6. Side Reach Crunch (50 seconds + 10 seconds rest on your right side, then repeat on your left side)

7. Tuck To Hollow (50 seconds + 10 seconds rest)

8. Tuck To V Sit (50 seconds + 10 seconds rest)

9. Leg Wipers Over Dumbbell (50 seconds + 10 seconds rest)

10. Pass Through (50 seconds + 10 seconds rest)

11. Slow Sit Up (50 seconds + 10 seconds rest)

12. Sit Up To Alt Woodchopper (50 seconds + 10 seconds rest)

13-14. Opposite Hand To Foot Reach (50 seconds + 10 seconds rest trying to reach your right foot, then repeat for your left foot)

15. Reverse Crunch To Hollow (50 seconds + 10 seconds rest)

Follow along with the below video for a better understanding of the exercises and how to perform them:

If you are doing this dumbbell abs workout correctly you will feel it in your whole core. You will work not only your abs but also your arms and legs.

Make sure that the dumbbell that you are using is not too heavy, to avoid any injuries.

Consistency Is Key

Do not get discouraged if you don’t complete the workout. Start slow follow your own pace, and make this challenging workout a fitness goal.

Even if it is too hard for you now, you will progress, grow your muscles and you will see that all you need is consistency. Do not give up, stay focused and motivated.

If you need more workout ideas, here are some that’ll help you start your fitness journey at your own pace.

Stay safe, do not overdo it so you can avoid any injuries, and let progress come in its own time.

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