An Exercise Bike Is The Perfect Purchase For Anyone

An Exercise Bike Is The Perfect Purchase For Anyone

Exercise bikes are one of the most popular forms of home gym equipment. But what’s all the hype about? Why should you get an exercise bike and use it indoors instead of going for a good run in the park?

Read on to see what are the benefits of using a stationary bike. You’ll be amazed how simple is to use it, and how your whole body will benefit from it.

5 Reasons You Should Get An Exercise Bike

Here are just a few of the reasons why an exercise bike is the perfect purchase for any fitness freak.

1. It’s The Ultimate Calorie Burner

There’s a reason why spin classes are so popular. Cycling is one of the best exercises for losing weight.

A person weighing 100 kilos may be able to burn 300 calories in 30 minutes through moderate cycling. Many bikes have multiple settings, allowing you to adjust the intensity according to the workout you desire.

2. You Can Work Out Your Whole Body

Exercise bikes largely help to build leg muscles such as the quads, glutes and calves. However, you can work out many other parts of your body.

There are plenty of upper body workouts you can do on exercise bikes when combining a resistance band or dumbbells.

It’s also a great cardio workout, helping to keep your heart strong and blood pressure healthy.

3. The Whole Family Can Use It

Unlike weights which may be too heavy for children or a treadmill that could be potentially dangerous for a kid, an exercise bike is suitable for all ages because it allows you to set the intensity and the rhythm.

Anyone of any strength or fitness level can operate an exercise bike. If you’ve got a health problem affecting your heart rate or breathing, you may still be able to use an exercise bike to get the physical activity you need without overexerting yourself.

4. You Can Combine It With Leisure Time

An exercise bike is one of the few exercise tools that you can use whilst sitting down for an extended period of time. This means that you can watch TV, read a book or even play video games whilst exercising.

If your free time is limited and you find it difficult to find the motivation to choose exercise over leisure time, an exercise bike might allow you to combine the two.

Here’s a great infographic to help you set up your indoor bike in 4 simple steps:

5. Even Cyclists Can Benefit

If you’re an avid cyclist you may wonder what the point of getting an exercise bike is if you already have the real thing. However, exercise bikes can actually be the perfect tool for any cyclist and are popular amongst professionals.

The biggest benefit is that you don’t have to venture outside on a rainy or otherwise miserable day. Instead, you can get your cycling fix indoors, upping the comfort and minimising the dangers of a wet road.

Exercise bikes can also simulate steep elevations that may not be available in your local area. If you’re training for a cycling competition and part of it is uphill, an exercise bike may allow you to get your practice in.

The likes of companies such as Bkool even provide virtual routes which you can cycle to feel as if you’re really there.

Hopefully these points have convinced you to get yourself an exercise bike and “hit the road” no matter how bad the weather is.

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