Cardio And Fast Weight Loss Workouts

Cardio And Fast Weight Loss Workouts

About Cardio

Like it or not, early hot season makes us want to lose weight fast and healthy as possible. After two months you want to have a lean and toned body. Think it sounds too good to be true? We know it is possible, if you don’t have a body index too much above normal and do sports … intense. The most intense types of aerobics help you quickly burn huge numbers of calories and sculpt your muscles in record time. Are you ready for this challenge?

To lose a pound, you must burn 7,000 calories more than you eat. Thus, the combination of intense diet + cardio is the best!

Cardio accelerates the rate at which your heart beats and thus burn calories and lose weight. It is recommended to do intense cardio exercises under the supervision of a coach. Be sure to execute the moves correctly and do not put your health at risk (affecting muscle strains and other inconveniences). We have to say at that there is no perfect cardio routine for everyone, because it is essential to like these exercises! You burn calories by gender, age, weight and other factors, so the best cardio workout is the custom one.

1. Kangoo Jumps

Our gym staff have heard over the years, many stories about people who have managed to lose weight in record time with Kangoo Jumps. Invented in Australia, the discipline that mimics jumping kangaroos by wearing special boots is now popular all over the world. The good part is that the Kangoo boots protects your joints and during sesions you feel light, like floating. The workouts are fun, healthy and help you improve your balance, coordination, body posture and maintain your heart health. Calories burned in an hour: 700-800.

2. Sh’Bam

A successor of Zumba, sh’bam was proclaimed by a British publication the best workout of 2013. As Zumba, sh’bam involves much music, more dance-inspired moves, but this time the music during exercise is hip hop and club. After these intense sessions (a session lasts 45 minutes) you will be able to burn fat, learn new dance moves, and you have a great look. Calories burned in one hour: 600

3. Zumba

Women and men alike are flocking to Zumba classes either because they want to lose weight, or because they want to tone their body in a fun way. Each zumba workout includes aerobic moves and dance steps inspired by salsa, merengue, belly dancing and even african dance. We could use to lose weight and also learn some new moves this summer! More about zumba here. Calories burned in an hour: 400-600.


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