Endurance, Running And Jogging For Beginners

Endurance, Running And Jogging For Beginners

Endurance is a problem for every beginner in jogging. If you do not increase endurance, the results will never occur.

Have you ever felt bad about your mood and said: “Okay, tomorrow I’ll start doing some exercises to stay fit.” Usually, those who really want to escape this state of numbness begin by jogging. But we all know that after only 10 minutes of running we begin to pant. To avoid this inconvenience and increase endurance, we prepared some tips.

Tips For Greater Endurance

When running, the joints are strained. If you have knee problems or if you are overweight you may feel pain during running. Stop and examine your health. If you feel pain and it doesn’t come from muscles then you have a problem. Consult your doctor and he will tell you what exercises you can do with your medical condition. So check your health before you start jogging.

Often you quit after 2-3 attempts of jogging. This is because you run to exhaustion, once a week. Try to run easily, about 1.5 miles a day. So you will not feel exhausted and numb. Try to run with your head and not looking for overnight results. Only your mood improves overnight.

Gradually increase the intensity of your running. It’s best to increase every week about 10% of the distance that you already ran in the previous week. So if the first week you run 1.5 miles in the next week run 1.7 then 1.9 and so on. Add about 10% to your running distance every week.

If you run in a park and have a chance to run in an incline, do not hesitate. Incline running strengthens your leg muscles and especially your abs. Even if you run on the treadmill, you can change the incline.

Run 1-2 minutes at medium intensity, then 10 seconds at high intensity. As you get used to it, you can grow these small intervals of intense running at 20 or 30 seconds.

Last but not least, it is essential to increase your endurance by running properly. Stay fit and go jogging!


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