Why Simply Cycling To Work Can Dramatically Improve Your Health

Why Simply Cycling To Work Can Dramatically Improve Your Health

Cycling to work from home can be really helpful not only for the environment but for your overall health too.

Starting any new sport or exercise can tend to feel like a bit of an upheaval. Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day or sometimes we can just, well, lack the motivation.

That’s why cycling is such a fantastic sport. It can be done in the times that we usually spend just sitting on a bus or in a car. And it is super fun and, of course, a super cheap way of getting from A to B.

Benefits Of Cycling To Work

If you are not already cycling to work, here are our top reasons why you should be:

1. Mental Health

Cycling to work

Exercise has been proven to improve our mental health in a number of ways.

The endorphins that are released during exercise help to reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress. This means that cycling to work can help you you arrive at work feeling calm and mentally prepared.

Cycling home from work is also a great way to peacefully process all that has happened in your workday and slowly unwind and disconnect from the day that you have just had.

Cycling has also been linked with higher levels of creativity, motivation, and productivity. This means it is an all-round winning way to transport yourself to and from work.

The oxygen that is released to the neurons in your brain whilst cycling has been proven to give people a boost to the way they tackle the management of their everyday work tasks.

So what better way to get you in the right frame of mind for work than to jump on your bike and get releasing those endorphins, and get that oxygen pumping to kick start your day.

2. Healthier Lungs

Cycling to work and drinking water

It has long been misunderstood that cyclists breathe in more pollution than any other people traveling to work, via other means of transport. This has recently been proved to be incorrect.

Recent scientific studies have shown that cyclists and pedestrians actually breathe in the least amount of pollution than any other commuters. With passengers on buses and drivers of cars breathing in the highest amounts of pollution.

With the cardiovascular exercise you get through this exercise you can dramatically improve the health of your lungs and also your heart.

It has been revealed that just 30 minutes of riding on a bike can significantly lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, and other serious illnesses.

3. Burn Fat And Save Money

Cycling Benefits

One of the top reasons why people turn to their bikes on a daily basis is in order to trim up and get really healthy. So if you’re not already sold on the benefits of commuting to work on a bike, you soon will be.

Not only does cycling to work means that you will be burning excess calories and in turn losing weight, but it will also mean that you can save money in the process.

A good road bike may be a bit expensive but it will pay for itself in no time at all. You will save all the daily outgoings on public transport.

Not having to fork out on daily buses, trains and petrol will bring about huge savings long term. So a bike is well worth the investment.

All those pounds you are saving on transport you can be losing from your waist as your daily commute trims you up and has you feeling fit, lean and fantastic.

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