Cycling | Ride Your Bike 15 Minutes A Day

Cycling | Ride Your Bike 15 Minutes A Day

Cycling is one of the best workout programs and it is an effective exercise for everyone. This kind of exercise is also recommended to those who have heart disease, obesity, diabetes or high blood pressure.

Cycling can burn up to 300 calories that were taken within 1 hour from alcoholic drink or chocolate bar. Ride your bike at least 15 minutes a day and, in time, you can burn off up to 11 pounds of fat.

It is very important to choose the best bike for you. Choose the one that is more comfortable for your body shape. A helmet is mandatory and for old people it is recommended to use knee and elbow guards to eliminate the risk of getting a serious injury.

A healthy body keeps our mind fresh, which helps to improve efficiency at work. But not everyone has time to maintain a fitness level, or to workout for 2-3 hours a day. If we do at least 15 minutes of proper exercising it could be more beneficial than doing a long workout.

Cycling is good but if you want to burn more calories then walk in a park or somewhere else. Walking burns almost twice as many calories than cycling. Ride your bike or walk at least 15 min a day 5 days a week and you will be surprised to see the result. Encourage your friends and family members to join with you.

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