Fitness Mistakes That Women Do In The Gym

Fitness Mistakes That Women Do In The Gym

Fitness mistakes are avoided if you get informed before you start your first fitness program in a gym.

The summer is just around the corner and you want to work out your body. You want to achieve results in a short period of time. Be careful, most women without some advice from a personal trainer are going to fail from the start.

Fitness Mistakes You Should Avoid

These fitness mistakes affect your results or even worse, damage your health. The following tips are addressed to women and men without experience in the gym.

1. Change Your Routine

The greatest mistake that women make in the gym is doing the same exercises every session. Avoid it. I know that in your first day in the gym you have tested several systems and you picked favorites. If you want to use the same systems every day, you’re wrong. Why? For the simple reason that the muscles need time to recover. If you push the same muscle groups every day, soon you will not be able to train at all for a whole week. I recommend minimum two days of rest for each muscle group. As a beginner you need two days of rest per week.

2. Try Weight Lifting

Mixt your cardio with weight lifting exercises. You will not lose your feminine body, don’t be afraid. I know, you want to get rid of unsightly fat as quickly as possible. But try to reduce intense cardio workout to 3-4 days a week, 30-40 minutes. Weight training accelerates fat burning, increase flexibility, protect joints, lowers the risk of osteoporosis and improve bone density!

3. Work All Your Muscles

Do not abuse of abdominal exercises! We all know that the main reason women go to gym is to get rid of the belly. And the solution to this problem is to do exercises for the abdomen. If you abuse of these exercises for a flat belly you will not get it. You’ll not get rid of the excessive fat, but will shape the muscles underneath. You should combine cardio with a healthy diet and exercises.

4. Drink Water And Sweat

Don’t forget to drink water! Drink as much as you can. Take a big bottle full of water with you. It eliminates toxins, protects joints, boosts metabolism, reduces fatigue and prevents drowsiness.

5. Gym = No Makeup

Fitness gym should be a public place where people go to work out their bodies, not to admire it. Don’t use your perfume in the gym. You’ll annoy everyone with a strong perfume.

Fitness Mistakes In The Gym

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