How And Why You Should Use A Stationary Bike At Home

How And Why You Should Use A Stationary Bike At Home

You have decided to lose weight, you thought that you have no time and mood to go to the gym and you bought a stationary bike!

You set it up nicely in a corner of the room, you pedaled it 10 minutes each evening, the price of 3 days and then began to turn gradually in support of clothes.

Inevitably, a few months later, the bike was crowded with other objects in the closet, objects that you know are least likely to use them anytime soon.

Yes, the stationary bike you bought is not the only abandoned. So did happened with many other objects who were promised a glorious, active future, a substantial contribution to the owner’s body reshaping.

But the convenience and lack of training strategies have won.

Therefore, today I propose to bring the stationary bike in a place of honor in your home and give you some tips to use it wisely!

Using A Stationary Bike

Here are some tips that might make you use your stationary bike again:

1. Adjust It Right

Even if it seems 100% sure, you can injure using a stationary bike. How? By adjusting the wrong seat.

Make sure the seat is at the proper height by sitting on it and putting your feet on the floor. Knees should be very little bent or not at all, but you can keep foot on the floor with ease.

If you set the seat too high, you’ll force your knees, and if the height is too low, you will have to bend your knees too much, and so you put excessive pressure on the joint.

Once you made sure that you feel comfortable on the stationary bike, you can start training.

2. Timing Matters

A cycling session is recommended to take between 30 and 40 minutes, depending on your physical condition.

If you have not done long movement can split the 40 minutes in two sessions of 20 minutes / day (possibly in the morning and evening).

Also, it should be repeated 3-5 times per week if you want to see results quickly. Then you can increase by 10% / week exercise intensity or time spent.

3. Set The Right Goal

But time spent pedaling the stationary bike depends very much on your goal, whether it is maintenance, weight loss or recovering from an injury (in which case a personal trainer for you will specify exactly how much you have to pedal to accelerate healing ).

4. Try Interval Training

To get results in a short time and after you get used to effort, try interval training, one of the most effective types of exercise: high intensity pedaling a few minutes, then a few minutes at low intensity, and so on.

5. Know Its Potential

And finally, to encourage you to resume your workout, know that 30 minutes of biking burns approximately 300 calories? (of course, depends on the age, physical condition, weight and so on)

Do you have a stationary bike? How often do you use it?

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