Tips For Building The Perfect Home Gym

Tips For Building The Perfect Home Gym

Are you sick of commercial gyms that financially draining you week in, week out? You might want to build your own and perfect home gym.

What you need to hit your fitness goals within the comfort of your own home? You need a lot of dedication, a small investment of money and a bit of space. However, it’s all about your current needs, cost, and what will benefit you in the long run.

How A Perfect Home Gym Should Look Like

We’ve put together our top tips for building the perfect home gym:

1. Create A Motivational Atmosphere

Before even thinking about what equipment to buy, it’s important to choose a good space. Because it’s going to be your personal gym, you can have free reign as to how the gym looks and feels.

Often, people have good music, involving a good stereo system and speakers, to keep the vibes high. As well as this, it can be beneficial to have motivational posters or quotes on the walls, to keep you going when morale is lacking.

2. Weights

Any good home gym needs a set of weights, ranging in heaviness. A basic at home gym equipment set up would include a bar, weight plates and dumbbells. However, there are variations of these for you to choose from.

Weight plates and dumbbells are obviously available in a wide range of weights, so you’ll need to select the appropriate range for your limits.

3. Rack

The rack is the centre point of your gym, for safety and exercise reasons. Nearly anything important can be done within one, and they have attachments such as dip and pull-up bars to increase their functionality.

Like anything, there are a wide variety of racks with various add-on options. Check out online forums, reviews and do some research as to get an idea of what you might want.

4. Bench

Many exercises, such as a bench press, require you to lie down whilst doing them. Again, it’s important to pay attention to what you specifically require.

If you’re a serious weight lifter, you will want to invest money into a stronger bench that can handle more of a load. If you lift light to moderate weights, you may not have to spend as much on a bench.

5. Cardio

As well as weights, cardio is an important element of our weekly workout routine. What cardio do you enjoy most?

Perhaps you want a rowing machine instead of a treadmill? Or perhaps you’d prefer a cross trainer or exercise bike, so you don’t have the heavy impact of a treadmill. Try out a few options and figure out what works best for you.

Or you can build yourself a wall ball following this easy DIY guide. Another option is to subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date with future articles on how to build your own garage gym.

So what are you waiting for? This perfect home gym is now your personal space. You’ve got your own equipment and your preferred motivation. There’s no excuses now! With these five essentials, you’re ready to begin your home gym domination.

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