How To Get A Bikini Body This Summer

How To Get A Bikini Body This Summer

You don’t need to bust ass for months to get a bikini body. With these quick and easy tricks, your beach body will earn some serious stares.

How To Get A Bikini Body

There are a few tips that can help you to develop a really notable bikini body. Here they are:

1. Lose Weight

Losing weight is the key to reaching your goal. By changing your diet and getting proper gym training you can lose a lot of weight and tone your entire body.

Here are a few diets that give real results and can help you with your weight loss process:

2. Tone Your Butt, Thighs & Belly

For a bikini body you need a flat belly (or better, 6 pack abs), a round and tone butt and slim thighs. Lifting your legs also helps to build your 6 pack abs. For this exercise first lie on the floor to make your body flat. Then lift your legs slowly from the floor like 45 degrees. Hold your legs tight and remain at least 10 sec in that position. Again, go to the initial position. Repeat this a few times.

Do crunches! They are an effective technique that will help to tone your stomach, but only if you do it correctly. So if you would like to get a bikini body, do crunches by following these steps:

  1. Relax and lie on the floor.
  2. Then bend your legs, with your feet flat.
  3. Put your arms behind your head, and lift your shoulders by using only your stomach muscles.
  4. Tighten your abs and very slowly return your upper body to the initial position.

Do squats! To tone your behind and upper legs muscles start doing the next exercise. Stay in front of a strong wall. Lean back until your backside is against the wall. Then get down until you get a sitting position. Hold this position for at least 20 sec. Now do this exercise again and again and you will be much closer to a bikini body.

3. Before & After

Set your goal and determine where you want to improve. This will help you choose which diet and exercise route is right for you. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want to lose weight?
  • How much weight do I want to lose?
  • Do I want to gain muscle?
  • Am I happy with my weight, but want to tone up?

Take a “before” picture to keep you motivated. This will make you feel incredibly satisfied when you finally take that “after” picture.

Weigh yourself and take measurements. This will help you track your progress. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat, so if your goal is to add bulk or tone up your muscles, then you might gain some overall weight. If this is the case, then focus on your measurements rather than the number on the scale.

4. Think To Future

Buy the bikini you want to wear (unless you already own it) and hang it up in a place where you will see it every day. This will serve as a constant reminder about why you started, especially on those difficult days when you just want to give up.

5. Eat Healthy

Reduce your caloric intake. This is extremely important if you are trying to lose weight. Remember that exercise alone will not make you lose weight; you will absolutely have to change your diet.

Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. These foods are full of vitamins and minerals, and will help keep you full and energized throughout the day. Leafy green vegetables and non-starchy vegetables are the best for you; keep fruit to just a few pieces a day.

Eat lean proteins. Turkey, chicken and fish are low in fat but rich in protein. If you are a vegetarian, try tofu, tempeh, veggie burgers, and eggs.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day, It is VERY important to stay hydrated.

Reduce your sugar consumption. Read food labels and beware of hidden sugars in dressings, sauces, and breads. Try to stay away from alcohol. If you do drink, opt for wine rather than sugary cocktails or carb-heavy beers.

You’ll have more confidence if you go to the pool with an enviable bikini body.

Bikini Body Guide

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