Lose Weight In Specific Areas Of The Body

Lose Weight In Specific Areas Of The Body

How To Lose Weight In Specific Areas

Are you happy with your overall silhouette, but you would like to lose weight in specific areas of the body? No problem. There are plenty of methods. To lose belly, to shape your buttocks or thighs , get rid of fat arms – nothing is impossible!

Basically, there are a number of methods that match any part of the body. In addition, you can do various exercises, depending on the area you want to shape. Let’s see them all!

1. Massages for hips, abdomen, buttocks and arms

Massage allows the elimination of toxins and destruction of adipose tissue in the skin. As a final result, you can be sure you’ll lose a few inches and you’ll get rid of fat. For this, you need to combine a specialist 2-3 times per week for 2 months with daily auto massage at your home.

2. Slimming creams for the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and hips

Usually, this cream types work in two ways: activates micro circulation and facilitates the removal of excess fat. If the majority of people in the past condemned their ineffectiveness slimming creams, here now, increasingly more people are satisfied with their action. According to a survey conducted on 60 million consumers in 2007, 7 out of 10 women have managed to lose the desired areas, about 2 cm.

3. Slimming clothes for the hips, thighs, arms and abdomen

These clothes contain micro particles of various substances such as green tea, caffeine, extracts of almond. The mere contact with the skin and rubbing the body during movement, micro particles break and eliminate active ingredients that penetrate the skin and reduce fat stores. It is preferable to be held between 12 and 14 hours a day, at least a month.

To lose weight in specific areas of your body it is not enough to sit and wait for a miracle. Eat balanced and exercise daily.

4. Exercise

Here are some exercises that you can try, depending on the body area you wish to work.

For arms: first, exercises with weights will help you tone them. If you have worked enough arms, however, opting rather for stretching, swimming or dancing.

For abdomen: surely you want a hourglass waist. For this, one solution: cardio. Half hour bike lane running or rowing, climbing stairs – accompanied by a series of crunches are the best solution.

Thigh: walking or jogging will tone them and aqua gym and swimming will help make them more flexible.

For buttocks: rollerblading, swimming, skiing, cycling and walking are making visible and immediate effects. The result will not only make you look extremely good but you should know that lean and well-toned buttocks protects and back pain.

lose weight in specific areas of the body

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