The Weight Loss Stages Of A Successful Body Transformation

The Weight Loss Stages Of A Successful Body Transformation

If you’re looking to transform your body and get in shape, consider learning the basics of fat burning and the weight loss stages that come with it.

When was the last time you fancied an outfit but couldn’t bring yourself to purchasing it because you felt insecure about your weight?

Without a doubt, you’ll experience diverse benefits by shedding off unnecessary pounds.

While on a journey to get slimmer, you’ll go through various weight loss stages to reach your ultimate goals. Perhaps, you’re wondering what’s your weight-loss stage?

We’ll shortly cover everything you need to know. Without further delay, let’s indulge!

Four Main Weight Loss Stages

You can’t get back in shape without going through all these weight loss stages:

1. Glycogen Depletion

Your body preserves sugar in the form of glycogen and is ready to use it to enable any activities you undertake, from running, walking, and even sleeping.

The average person stores approximately 300-400 calories of glycogen in their liver and 2,000-10,000 in their muscles.

Your liver functions similarly to a mug. It contains a constant size which you can empty and fill.

Your muscle cells, on the other hand, work like balloons. They grow and shrink visibly, and this depends on how much you exercise.

When entering your calorie deficit period, the body begins by burning whatever is in your liver and muscles.

After your body burns a small number of your muscles’ calories, it starts using your body fat to get the required additional energy.

Also, you shouldn’t confuse losing weight due to glycogen depletion and losing weight as a result of dehydration.

There are activities you can engage in to minimize the amount of water that’s stored in your body. Also, trying to lose a lot of water within a short time can be harmful to your health.

Your body rids itself of a particular water amount each night. Therefore, you should replenish during the day.

Water is a necessary component when it comes to burning your body fat. So, it’s best to drink a lot of water if you are hoping to lose some pounds.

2. Fat Burning

Some may consider this as the most challenging phase, but it’s quite the opposite. Provided you didn’t deprive yourself during stage one, this phase will be a walk in the park for you.

Your body switches from ridding itself of excess water and glycogen to fat burning and muscle building.

Your hunger urges might be a little more than usual. Therefore, you should eat healthy snacks like apples or an average intake of nuts.

At this stage, you’ll also notice your clothes becoming a little looser, with your body appearing a tad slimmer. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll see a significant weight change.

You may develop muscles resulting in a weight increase, but your body appears and feels much better to you.

3. Stalling

The weight stabilization phase comes in when you become a little too absorbed in your weight loss program. Your body significantly lowers its metabolism to preserve energy. As a result, you’ll notice a minimal fat loss.

Although your diet may appear the same as stages one and two, your body won’t respond to your fitness regime as before. The stalling stage is a phase where your body is afraid of running out of energy and dying.

Take, for instance, a water tank. When it’s full of water, your tap gushes out with loads of it. However, as the level is at the base, the amount of pressure decreases. That’s how this stage operates.

During weight stabilization, your fat loss is in ounces instead of pounds. The focus is more on fitness and strength building rather than fat burning.

You may still observe a few areas where you may wish to be leaner. Nevertheless, your confidence is high, and you feel more energetic and have a better body balance.

During this plateau stage, you may find yourself wondering, “How can I get rid of those final five pounds?“.

4. Metabolism Recovery

To get from the third stage into the final phase, you’ll have to assist your body to regain its usual metabolic rate.

As you begin to slowly provide your body with more energy through your diet, it gradually resumes its normal functioning.

During metabolic recovery, your body restores its glycogen stores and water amounts, and the rate of replenishing increases. However, this doesn’t dictate that you are adding mass, but you might in some cases.

3 Types Of Fat You Are Burning When Losing Weight

What Types Of Fat Are You Burning Across These Stages?

There are 3 types of fat you’ll burn during the above-mentioned weight loss stages:

1. Easy Fat

The first type of fat you’ll burn is “easy fat“, typical in stage one. There’s excessive fuel in your blood, and your body needs to get rid of it before it harms your cells. So, it stuffs these cells to avoid a cellular meltdown.

Also, your body doesn’t desire excessive fat during this stage. Therefore, eliminating it won’t be hard.

2. Stubborn Fat

The second one is “stubborn fat“, which is a hassle to burn. If you are dealing with this type of fat, you are probably in stage two or three.

3. Vanity Fat

The last type is vanity fat, present in the final weight-loss stage. At this point, you should be generally fit. Only fighters, athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness models, besides extremists, go ahead to burn vanity fat.

Attempting to cut off vanity fat is unhealthy and sometimes life-threatening for most people, especially those who have a lot of fat genes.

Indeed, it appears healthy to feature on the front of a fitness magazine. However, most of those fitness models rely on their genetics. And in most cases, they push their metabolism to the limits.

Remember, it’s okay to be slightly fat. But not to the extent of unhealthiness or losing your confidence.

Final Thoughts

It’s not surprising to go through all these stages and find yourself back to square one if you don’t learn how to maintain weight.

The main reason why most people revert to their previous weight or become much heavier is that they don’t take maintenance seriously.

We keep losing and gaining weight daily. What makes the difference is how you work long term.

Sticking to a healthy diet and maintaining your exercise routine are things you should prepare to do to keep your dream body.

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