7 Simple And Easy Ways To Burn More Fats

7 Simple And Easy Ways To Burn More Fats

Are you looking to burn more fats, shed a few pounds, and get back in shape? These tips will help you achieve your desired silhouette.

Many of you must be spending sleepless nights thinking about losing weight when you should actually ponder over how to burn your excess body fats.

While it is not easy to assess the exact loss of fat in your body, there are definite ways to turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

Whether you are looking to improve your body’s overall health or are just trying to slim down, burning fats is a very challenging task and requires a certain amount of discipline.

Apart from your diet and exercise, there are other factors that contribute to your weight and fat loss.

Remember, your excess fat was not gained overnight, so burning it would definitely take some time. If you are persistent in your approach, results are bound to show.

How To Burn More Fats

Here is the list of simple and easy ways to burn more fats:

1. Swap Sugars For Proteins

Proteins Help You Burn More Fats

Your cutting down on sugar makes you eat less of processed sweet foods like chocolate and ice-cream.

Instead, focus on eating food that is high in protein content. Protein-rich foods reduce your appetite and burn more fats.

Studies indicate that eating protein-dense food leads to a lesser accumulation of belly fats. It also helps to maintain muscle weight and metabolism during weight loss.

An increase in protein intake with your meals makes you feel less hungry, and it amplifies the fat burning process.

Examples of protein-rich food include seafood, eggs, meat, legumes, and dairy products.

2. Add Vinegar To Your Food

Salad With Vinegar And Oil

Research says that vinegar intake helps speed up the fat-burning process apart from its sound effects on heart health and blood sugar controlling properties.

As per studies, consuming one to two tablespoon of vinegar daily helps reduce body weight, belly fat, and average waist circumference over twelve weeks.

Daily vinegar intake also reduces calorie intake by 275 calories.

Above all, Vinegar makes you feel full and reduces your appetite.

3. Get Adequate Sleep

You Can Burn More Fats If You Sleep At Least 8 Hours A Night

Multiple studies have found a sufficient association between adequate sleep and weight loss. Going to bed early or waking a little late can help burn fats fast and prevent weight gain.

Research says that people who sleep for five hours or less are more likely to gain more weight than those who sleep for more than seven hours.

Having better sleep quality and sleeping in excess of seven hours a day helps in weight reduction by 33 percent. This deduction was based on a study of 245 women who were enrolled in a six months weight loss program.

Lack of sound sleep leads to changes in the hunger hormones and increases your appetite and risk of obesity. The fat burning process automatically slows down.

Get your share of sufficient sleep if you want to burn your body fats and lose weight. Keep yourself stress-free and use electronic gadgets as little as possible before you go to sleep.

4. Try Intermittent Fasting

The Most Common Types Of Intermittent Fasting

Studies show that intermittent fasting helps in both fat loss and weight loss. Intermittent fasting is a form of diet cycle that involves definite periods of eating and fasting.

In a research on an alternate day fasting and eating process, it was found that in a period of three to twelve weeks, body weight was reduced by seven percent, and body fats were decreased by 5.5 kgs (12 pounds).

Another study indicated that eating only during an eight-hour window every day helped in reducing fat content and maintaining muscle mass when combined with physical training.

Intermittent fasting is of many types. In some methods, you eat only at certain hours of the day while in other forms, you could be eating on certain days of the week.

Depending on the type of diet plan you follow, the results could vary.

Some well-known intermittent diet types include:

  • Eat Stop Eat;
  • The 16/8 method;
  • The 5:2 diet;
  • And the Warrior.

5. Get A Weight Loss Supplement

Weight Loss And Diet Pills Explained

Many different types of weight loss supplements claim to be effective for losing weight, but is it the best method to lose weight?

Many people use weight loss pills to help them lose weight, and a majority of them are disappointed after seeing minimal results or no results at all.

When looking to buy a supplement, be sure to look for ingredients like green tea and ginseng. As mentioned by Tazafit, both are known to have properties that can help reduce appetite and boost metabolism.

Also, look for weight loss supplements that have antioxidants in them, which can help reduce the risk of cancer and help eliminate excess fat from your body.

Look for supplements that are free from any harmful ingredients, especially if you have any health problems.

6. Drink Healthy Beverages

Green Tea Can Help You Burn The Extra Fat

As said earlier, swap your sugary drinks with healthy beverages. It is one of the easiest ways to burn body fats.

Drinks like soda and canned juices are packed with added sugar and calories and provide little health benefits.

If you are into alcohol consumption, keep in mind that alcohol is high in calories, and lessens your inhibitions resulting in your overeating.

Research has proven that the consumption of sugar-added beverages and alcohol does increase your belly fat.

Drink healthy beverages like water, green tea, or black coffee.

A twelve-week study by NIH (National Institute of Health) showed that drinking a minimum of 500 ml (17 ounces) of water before meals helped to reduce body weight by 2 kgs (4.4 pounds) compared to a control group.

Even green tea has excellent properties to increase fat burning and the rate of metabolism. Green tea is rich in caffeine and contains antioxidants, which help weight loss. Similar to black coffee, green tea increases fat burning in the body by 12 percent.

So, drinking water or any other healthy beverage is always a better option to burn fats in the simplest of ways.

7. Lower Intake Of Refined Carbs


Gluten Bread

A reduction in the intake of refined carbs may help in burning more fats. Processing of grains strips it of the germs and bran resulting in loss of fiber and other nutrients.

Refined carbohydrates also have a tendency of a higher glycaemic index, which can cause elevated blood sugar levels resulting in increased hunger.

Research indicates that meals with high refined carbs are associated with increased belly fats.

The National Institute of Health, in its study, mentions that higher amounts of refined grains intake increased the chances of diseases promoting belly fat. The research was conducted on 2834 people, and the conclusion was elaborated accordingly.

To get the best results, reduce refined carb consumption from white bread, pasta, pastries, processed foods, and breakfast cereals.

Instead, have whole grains like quinoa, buckwheat, whole wheat, oats, and barley.

Remember To Exercise!

There are multiple ways to burn more fats apart from the ones that are mentioned above.

A proper exercise schedule and a simple diet process can help you regain your body by losing that excess fat.

All that is required is incorporating healthy habits and proper discipline in your lifestyle to see the positive growth that it brings to your body.

Remember, if you believe you can, you will surely conquer.

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