How To Build A Home Gym Without Breaking The Bank

How To Build A Home Gym Without Breaking The Bank

Proper planning and following the right advice can help you build an impressive home gym without emptying your bank account.

Many people would prefer to get the exercise they need in the comfort of their own homes instead of sharing a local gym with others.

Individuals who have dreamed of building a gym in their home may be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive it can be to fulfill this goal.

There are many important things to consider when building a home gym from scratch.

However, a little careful planning can provide an impressive workout space without putting a major dent in a bank account.

Working with experienced home gym designers like the guys at the Training Station can help you maximize the space and create personalized environments tailored to your individual needs.

How To Build A Cheap Home Gym

Here are the most accessible pieces of gym equipment you can get, along with other helpful tips to build your home gym:

1. Private Space

A home gym should not share space with laundry hampers or use the voice of screaming children for workout music. It is an absolute necessity that a home gym has a place of its own in the house.

The room chosen for the gym should have a door on it to assure privacy. It might also be a good idea to install a stereo system in the gym so that the other sounds in the house can be eliminated.

Another important consideration is a full-length mirror. The entire body from head to toe should be visible in the mirror. It is important to watch your technique when exercising to guard against injury.

This space can be used occasionally to enjoy some keto lunch ideas. This will take the home gym owner away from the temptation of food in other areas of the house.

2. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are inexpensive workout equipment that should be included in every home gym. They have been used for many years to improve the strength and definition of the biceps, muscles of the upper arms, and shoulder areas.

Many systems for exercise have become extremely popular, only to become obsolete a short time later. However, the benefits of dumbbells have caused them to be a staple of the exercise community.

One important consideration with dumbbell exercises is the need to stretch first. This is necessary to ensure that injury is avoided.

How To Build A Cheap Home Gym - Get Dumbbells

A set of dumbbells are a must in every home gym.

3. Stability Ball

There is no doubt that old-time bodybuilders would see a stability ball as no more than a gigantic beach ball.

These bodybuilders believe that strength training should only consist of exercises that isolate muscles and produce bulk.

Unfortunately, these exercises alone leave a lot to be desired when it comes to flexibility.

Fitness trainers today have the benefit of much more sophisticated training than their predecessors. A good fitness trainer would never suggest a regiment that resulted in limited flexibility.

These modern trainers would tell the home gym owner that a good stability ball is as important as dumbbells.

Stability balls allow users to increase their balance and core strength through a variety of exercises that include hamstring curls, body bridges, abdominal crunches, and others.

4. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are so simple and inexpensive that many people mistakenly doubt their effectiveness.

The bands are extremely versatile and the exercises that can be executed with them are nearly as numerous as the imagination will allow.

A simple way to use resistance bands is in the place of dumbbells or other weights. The bands can be used for a variety of exercises and will provide low to moderate resistance to the user.

Some resistance bands come outfitted with door attachments and handles. When these more advanced band resistance systems are attached to tables, doors, or benches, they effectively become a low-cost universal machine.

Exercises that can be performed with resistance bands are squats, chest presses, lateral pull-downs, and a variety of exercises that work the shoulder. Here are 10 more exercises you can perform with a resistance band:

10 Resistance Band Exercises For Lower Body

5. Cardio

There are many simple and low to no-cost methods to get the cardiovascular exercise needed while training in a home gym.

One excellent option is skipping rope. Rope skipping provides tremendous benefits to the cardiovascular system.

Skipping will also strengthen the core by causing the muscles that are present around the organs to tighten. This tightening is the result of the up-and-down jumping motion involved with rope skipping.

Other good cardio exercises are aerobic steppers and jumping jacks.

A circuit can be created with these exercises to achieve maximum cardio benefits. Any exercises that can increase the rate of the heart can be added to the circuit.

How To Build A Cheap Home Gym - Do Equipment Free Cardio Exercises

You can always do equipment-free cardio exercises

6. High-End Equipment

Despite the many inexpensive methods of training available, the new home gym owner may still wish to purchase one of the many impressive machines that are also available on the market.

These machines include spin cycles, treadmills, and elliptical machines. And will add considerably to the price tag of the home gym.

These machines can be pricey and the home gym owner should understand that they are not always as convenient as they appear on TV.

For instance, elliptical trainers many times have exclusive movements. This means it can be difficult to adjust to the specific needs of the user.

A natural movement for a woman slightly over five feet tall can be quite unnatural for a man who stands more than six feet tall.

Traditional weight-stack machines that make use of cables can also be problematic to use. The inflexible motion of these machines can result in the strain of repetitive motion being placed on muscles and joints.

7. No Need For Bankruptcy

Individuals desiring to build a home gym for themselves are not required to empty their bank accounts to do so. Many inexpensive pieces of equipment can provide the home gym owner with a quality workout.

Home gym owners who desire big-ticket items for their gyms can still save money if they are patient and creative in their purchases of these items.

One idea is to wait for a local gym to go out of business. When this happens, these gyms will a lot of times sell equipment at reduced prices.

There are also other places both on and off the web that sell exercise equipment that has endured various amounts of use.

In any event, home gym ownership can be realized on a budget. So learn from these tips and build the gym you’ve always dreamed of at home.

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