The Best No Equipment Workouts To Try At Home

The Best No Equipment Workouts To Try At Home

Regular visits to the gym might be most people’s New Year’s resolution, but there are a number of legit reasons why some folks still don’t do it. Instead, they try some easy, at home, no equipment workouts.

Working out in the gym could be motivational because of all the gym-goers who are pursuing the same goal as yourself, or you might have a personal trainer to boost your motivation.

But, if the gym is not close to your apartment block, then getting there may take time – and time is something modern people lack the most.

If you have kids, family, 9-5 job, a hobby, your daily schedule is probably already all booked. This is why many people choose to exercise at home.

All you need for a home-based workout is a 20-minute break in between the chores and a bit of good will – and you will stay fit regardless of the tight schedule you have.

Before we get to the actual workout, it’s important to say that the “no equipment” label doesn’t mean you should exercise in flip-flops or a shirt you wear to work.

Proper workout clothing is important because it makes you feel comfortable and regulates your body temperature. You can work out outside, in a nearby park, or go jogging.

Your workout clothes should be made from adequate materials, such as polyester or Lycra blends, as these materials absorb sweat.

Also, workout clothes must fit your activity. This is particularly important when it comes to shoes – you should have adequate gym shoes for squats, pushups, or jogging.

Total Body No Equipment Workouts

Now that you’re properly clothed, let’s see what indoor exercise routines you can try. Here are 3 no equipment workouts you can try at home:

20-Minute Full-Body Workout

This is something everyone has time to do.

  1. Set up your clock and start with 10 pushups.
  2. After the pushups, do jumping jacks for one minute.
  3. In the next minute, do 10 spider lunges and then switch back to jumping jacks.
  4. The third minute is for jumping lunges and – you guessed right – jumping jacks.
  5. Finish up with 10 walkouts.

You’re supposed to repeat the drill five times in a row to make the workout truly effective. If the routine is too difficult for you, adjust it. Take breaks, do it four times instead of five, or reduce the number of pushups.

The 5-Minute Speed Circuit

If you’re super-busy and you can’t afford the luxury of a 20-minute break, this 5-minute cardio workout is for you. This circuit includes five moves:

  1. Speedy Feet;
  2. Leaping Lunges;
  3. Pivot-and-Reaches;
  4. Lateral Hops;
  5. Speed Squats.

Perform each move for 30 seconds with as many reps as you can and then take a 30-second break.

If you want to play it hard, do speedy feet for 30 seconds instead of taking a break. Once again, no equipment is needed, just your body and motivation.

15-Minute Abs Workout

If you want to tone your belly, try this routine at home.

  1. First, get down to planks. Get on the floor, contract your abs and glutes, and hold for 15 seconds. Repeat this exercise 10 times, then take a 30-second break.
  2. Move on to oblique V-ups. It’s recommended to do 15 to 25 reps on each side. Again, take 30 seconds off.
  3. Do a rotating Superman: get in the Superman position on your back, hold for 15 seconds, roll to your belly keeping your body tight, and hold for another 15 seconds. Repeat this position five to six times.
  4. Finish up with 15 to 25 reps of rock ‘n’ raise.

For best results, you should perform two sets of each move, and do this workout two or three times a week.

Before you put on your workout clothes and arm your stopwatch, you should learn how to avoid injuries. Warming up is essential before you proceed to any type of physical activity because it helps muscles handle the stress.

Also, don’t forget to stretch afterward: fitness experts claim this part is as important as the workout itself.

Now you’re ready to start your workout! You don’t need a gym membership or much time for it: take a 20-minute break, put on adequate clothes, and get fit in a matter of weeks.

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