What Are The Benefits Of Skipping Rope Workouts?

Why Skipping Rope?

Starting from the ground up, skipping rope is great for your calves and ankle joints, your knees and thighs and your hip muscles too if you really pick up the pace and progress to doing double of these. The action of spinning the rope gives your shoulders, arms and core a good workout, those muscles around your waist also getting on the action.

Skipping rope is great for your heart and your lunges, not only for your muscles. Which means you’ll improve your cardiovascular fitness and your health too. Skipping rope slowly for extended periods of time is an aerobic activity, whereas jumping more faster for short periods of time is an anaerobic activity similar to sprinting.

So skipping rope is a great way to improve not just your slow and steady fitness, but also your ability to work fast and hard. It’s not just your heart, lunges and muscles that get a benefit from using a jump rope, your brain and nervous system will also reap rewards.

Because it is a relatively complex combination of arms and legs working together, skipping rope will improve your:

  • Coordination;
  • Balance;
  • Agility;
  • Skill;
  • Speed;
  • Eye-hand coordination.

It’s no wonder that skipping rope is one of the workouts favored by boxes and MMA fighters.

Finally, jumping rope is an excellent calorie burner. So if you are looking to lose or merely control your weight, using a good quality speed rope can help you get the body you always dreamed of.

You can jump rope almost anywhere and if you buy a good quality rope will have a long-lasting exercise partner that will help you get and stay in great shape for years to come. Just remember, while learning to jump rope can take time and patience, but once you’ve got it, you’ll never forget it. Skipping rope workouts are hard to beat, and that why you have below 5 variations to choose from. Have fun!

Skipping Rope Workout


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