6 Ways To Maintain Your Weight After Losing It

6 Ways To Maintain Your Weight After Losing It

Probably the hardest thing after losing a few pounds is struggling to maintain your weight. These six tips will help you stay on track after reaching your desired weight.

Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows how hard it is actually to achieve their goal. It’s already tough enough to lose weight, but it’s hopeless when the weight lost is gained back.

Research has shown that only 20% of dieters were able to maintain their weight after losing it. But the real question is, “Would you be able to do it again?

The dieters must keep their initial goal in mind of why they wanted to lose weight in the first place.

Numerous reasons lead people to regain their lost weight, which is unsurprisingly related to unrealistic expectations and deprived feelings.

A restrictive diet, wrong mindset, and lack of consistency are enough to discourage a person. But if you want something badly, you should have the determination to go after it.

How To Maintain Your Weight Loss

Here are six tips that will help you maintain your weight after you’ve reached your desired weight loss goal:

1. Eat Breakfast Every Day

Eat Breakfast To Maintain A Healthy Weight

Eating breakfast every day prevents brain damage and helps you with your weight maintenance goals.

People who follow this daily have healthier habits and happen to be happier in their lives. They often exercise and ingest more micronutrients and fiber.

A study has even shown that the most common behavior exhibited by weight loss maintainers was that they had breakfast every day.

The evidence although it seems to be mixed as some people have also reported that skipping breakfast hasn’t led them to gain weight.

Hence, if you feel that skipping breakfast helps you in keeping your weight goals aligned, then there’s no harm in skipping it.

It’s better if you do have breakfast every day as it leads to other benefits and helps an individual maintain not just weight, but also a healthy lifestyle.

2. Keeping Yourself Hydrated

Drink Enough Water To Maintain Your Weight Loss

Drinking water has numerous benefits. From keeping your skin healthy to keeping your brain alert, it performs its job exceptionally well.

Keeping yourself hydrated for maintaining your weight will work in your favor. For one, it will save you feeling fuller so you won’t munch on extra snacks and hence keep your calorie intake in check.

It should work beautifully if you consume one or two glasses before a meal. This trick can even help you lose one pound every day.

In addition to this, people who drink water have been notified that it helps them burn more calories throughout the day.

So basically, keeping hydrated not only helps you maintain your weight but boosts your metabolism as well. I will call it a win-win situation.

3. Getting Sufficient Sleep

Sleep At Least 8 Hours To Maintain A Healthy Weight

Sleep is essential. It not only replenishes your body to work throughout the day but also helps people to maintain their body weight.

People who are sleep-deprived often complain about weight gain, study finds.

Science explains it through a simple concept. It is believed that this happens because sleep deprivation triggers the levels of ghrelin (a hunger hormone) to rise, causing an individual’s appetite to increase.

Not only this, but it also reduced their levels of leptin, a hormone that is necessary for controlling appetite.

Hence getting enough sleep plays a vital role in helping an individual maintain their weight loss.

Poor sleepers often have unhealthy habits; they hardly exercise and even make unhealthy food choices.

Even if you believe that you are an adult and the sleep you are getting is enough, that might not be the case. You should at least be getting 7-8 hours of sleep, and if not, then kindly resort to adjusting your habits.

This will help you in maintaining your weight loss and also contribute to you feeling more active.

4. Eat Your Vegetables

Eat Your Vegetables To Maintain Your Weight

People often run from eating vegetables, but they wouldn’t know what benefits they had in store them. We admit that vegetables might not taste like your favorite curry, but they help make your skin glow and maintain your weight.

The most significant benefit of vegetables would be that they provide you with low-calorie intake. You could consume them in massive amounts, and they would still fill you with nutrients only.

Plus, they also happen to be rich in fiber, which leaves you feeling full and unable to consume much throughout the rest of the day.

If you want to maintain your weight loss, then try eating vegetables (1 or 2 servings) with every meal.

5. Have A Good Support System

Make Your Body Crave Exercise - Get A Workout Buddy

Often people find it difficult to lose weight alone and take the journey together with their spouses or a buddy.

If you do happen to make your weight loss journey with any of those as mentioned above, then it’s excellent since someone will always be there to keep you in check.

People had reported that they did better with their health when they had a buddy or spouse who followed the same routine and weight loss habits.

Hence, having a sound support system is vital. If you happen to slip somewhere, they will put you right on track and even hold you accountable for when you do something wrong.

Often, people don’t know what they are doing wrong. But having a person who can observe and find the problem is a blessing.

Who knew that having a support system could mean so much, right?

6. Lift Weights

Common Fitness Myths - Free Weights Are Better Than Machines

You might have heard that lifting weights helped people in reducing weight. Well, we are here to tell you that they also help people in maintaining weight.

Weight loss often reduces your muscle mass as a common side effect. Thus it can restrict your weight loss as losing muscle mass decreases your metabolism, which means that it leads you to burn lesser calories throughout the day.

However, lifting weights can help prevent muscle mass loss and even rectify your metabolic rate.

Hence, to receive the best results, it is advised that weights should be lifted twice a week.

In the end, always know that consistency is critical. Losing weight is a journey that is not easy but gets tougher by each passing day. You have to not only be patient with your mood but your cravings too.

So if you follow these six ways to maintain your weight loss, then you will be successful in your venture.

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