Skipping Breakfast Acceptable for Weight Loss

Skipping Breakfast May Not Be A Barrier To Weight Loss

The study, Randomized Controlled Trial of Breakfast Recommendations on Weight: A Multi-Site Effectiveness Trial, was a 16-week, 3-parallel-arm randomized control trial that was the first to look at the question of the weight-loss effects of skipping breakfast.

Dr. Dhurandhar stated, “In contrast, we used a large, randomized controlled trial to examine whether or not breakfast recommendations have a causative effect on weight loss, with weight change as our primary outcome.”

Previous studies have demonstrated the correlation between the two, but not necessarily the causation. However, Dr. Dhurandhar indicated the study’s design wasn’t made to look at a specific breakfast type or the exact timing of food intake, so conclusions about those parameters and their effects on weight loss can’t be drawn. The primary outcome of this study was weight change.

The study contained 309 overweight and obese participants who were randomly assigned into an intervention group told to eat breakfast, an intervention group told to skip breakfast, or a control group that wasn’t given any specific instructions on to eat or skip breakfast.

According to the researchers, this study yielded no differences between groups when it came to weight loss. However, Dr. Dhurandhar warned since only body weight was measured as an outcome, conclusions regarding the impact of eating breakfast pertaining to a patient’s appetite, metabolism, or overall body fat cannot be drawn.

Nonetheless, further studies should be conducted to help determine whether certain types of breakfast foods, the quantity of the food, or the timing of the first meal intake has any potential impact on a person’s body weight.

Practice Pearls:

  • If patients skipped the first meal of the day or didn’t, there were no differences in weight loss.
  • According to the researchers, this study yielded no differences between groups when it came to weight loss.

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Source: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

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