How To Lose One Pound Daily With A Simple Routine

There are two things you generally do when want to get rid of a few extra pounds, and those are: sweating into the gym and going on a new diet. But there’s one particular tip to lose weight that researchers have found, and it’s the easiest way to lose one pound daily (more or less) without sweating or starving yourself.

Here’s what researchers found:

Just by drinking 500ml (two glasses) of water before every meal, you can lose up to 10 pounds in 12 weeks.

I know this doesn’t sound too much, and it’s not even close to what you want: to lose one pound daily. Not close, but it’s a start, right?!

How To Lose One Pound Daily

Here’s how I used this tip to drink water before meals and what things I added to my routine to lose one pound daily:

  1. Eat 5 meals per day, one small meal every 2 hours. Get 3 x 200-calorie meals, plus 2 x 300-calorie meals.
  2. Walk one hour, or do 30 minutes of speed walking or jogging daily.
  3. The 300-calorie meals should be taken before and after walking.
  4. Eat your last meal before 6 PM.
  5. Drink one glass of water (250ml) before and after each meal. This will keep you full for longer.
  6. Sleep as early as possible, to avoid night binge eating.

The total calorie intake in a day is around 1200, which is half of the daily recommended calorie intake. So this is not the safest way to lose weight, but hey, if you know any healthy method to lose one pound daily, I am here to take notes. 😉

Here is a 7 day 1200-calorie meal plan example, and here is a daily schedule example:

  • 9 AM: One glass of water + Breakfast (200 calories) + One glass of water;
  • 11 AM: One glass of water + Snack (200 calories) + One glass of water;
  • 1 PM: One glass of water + Lunch (300 calories) + One glass of water;
  • 2 PM: Walking in the park for an hour;
  • 3 PM: One glass of water + Snack (300 calories) + One glass of water;
  • 5 PM: One glass of water + Dinner (200 calories) + One glass of water.

Tip: Don’t weigh yourself every day, but do it at the end of the week. Losing weight is not an exact science, so you’re not gonna lose one pound daily. Today you might lose 1.5 pounds and tomorrow only half pound, but at the end of the week you should be at least 7 pounds lighter.

Let me know in the comment section below if you would try this diet, or if you know or tried before any other diet to lose one pound daily. Stay fit!

If you consider this diet too hard to follow, and think you’ll not gonna stick to it, The Half Day Diet is a more simple and accessible program to lose weight fast. Just give it a try!

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Thank you for sharing this. I am going to do it! I am a stay at home mom and I home school, so I can do this!


For good health u can do yoga and meditation daily i.e 20 minis of exercise and 10 mins of breathing exercise with meditation.It really works, its a slow n healthy process.Which will help u stay healthy and away from all kind of disease. And whole day keeps u fresh till u go to bed. In this no side effects but avoid Jung food & oily dishes .


A much healthier option is to go on a fruit and veggie diet. I tried it and I lost about 12-15 kg in 2 months.


Please! Send me your weekly eating process. And if you did any exercise at all. I need it terribly

Cheryl Renee

Intermittent fasting….a solid workout plan….and a treat day. These are the real key to a lasting weight loss plan

I was losing 1 pound a day 2 yrs ago after I had my baby I would get on the treadmill everyday for 1 hr and I was also on a diet I wouldn’t eat dinner instead I would eat my dinner for breakfast and for dinner I would eat something light throughout the day every time I felt hungry I would have some coffee I must of had about 5 small cups of coffee a day and the only other thing I would drink is water with lemon it was hard with a baby sometimes I wouldn’t get the… Read more »

So, if you lose one lb per day X 7 days = 7 lbs per week X 12 weeks = 84 lbs in 12 weeks so where does 10 lbs in 12 weeks come into that? The math doesn’t work unless it’s more or less 1 lb per week, not per day. To be honest I drink about 100 oz of water a day, but I’d vomit if I ate and drank that much water together. Last question – once you lose the weight and go back to real life is it sustainable?


Researchers found 10 lbs in 12 weeks, this person is suggesting something a little different.
You should try it if you want to lose weight. It seems like a lot of food and water but if your meals are SMALL it isn’t so much. I’ve done it and need to get back to it.


I am going to give it a try…Monday is a great day to start….

this is surely for people who don’t work ~ when a person works office hours 9-5 and overtime to 6-7-8, how, when and where can she walk daily for an hour etc?… and don’t tell me to do it before-after work, cause I need an hour and a half to get to work in the morning, so I get up before 7 and when I return I’m half dead tired… Imagine most of my colleagues who -on top of that – have children and families to take care of… What u say is true and work for those who stay… Read more »

We just got a treadmill that glass at us in the lounge. I love it. Can exercise when I get home. It’s so much better than going to the gym. Found I actually get more energy from exercising.


I first have breakfast at 5am then break at 8:10 then lunch at 11:00am last break 1:30pm supper at 5pm I’m on my feet all day I take the dog for a 40 minute walk around 6pm drink water while husband has popcorn


How has your progress gone? Have you found it easy to follow? What types of meals do you eat?


I will try this for sure!


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