10 Full Body Workouts That You Can Do On Your Mat

10 Full Body Workouts That You Can Do On Your Mat

Grab your mat and get ready for a fat-blasting set of 10 full body workouts.

One of your goals is to stay healthy and fit. But, do you have to go to the gym or buy sophisticated fitness equipment?

While gyms seem to be the best place for people who want to do a workout, you can achieve the same or even results from your house.

All you need is the willingness. No need to commute to the gym or be destructed by other people.

One of the things that you may get worried about is the availability of workout equipment. You don’t need them. Just get a mat, and everything will be ready.

Although it is difficult to resist the allure of high-end workout equipment, do you know that you can use your mat to do a total body workout?

Most bearded men are afraid of using mats for doing floor exercise. They always come up with all sorts of excuses to justify their resistance.

For instance, some claim that their beards will get dirty forcing them to use beard shampoos. Forget all those excuses.

Full Body Workouts On Your Favourite Mat

Here are the top 10 full body workouts that you can do on a mat:

1. Yoga

Full Body Workouts On A Mat - Yoga

This is the most obvious one. It is not yoga unless you have a yoga mat.

You may also be surprised that we are categorizing yoga as a full body workout. Without any fear of contradiction, yoga is a full body workout.

The impact of yoga goes beyond your mind and soul. Your whole body will feel the effect of yoga.

Once you are done with the spiritual aspect of yoga, proceed to do a vigorous routine of the Ashtanga poses.  Alternatively, you can opt for Kripalu which is more relaxed.

Be consistent on these poses and, with time, you will realize the full benefits of yoga.

2. Pushups

Full Body Workouts On A Mat - Push Up

You don’t need a whole room or a gym instructor to do pushups. Just lay the mat on the floor and get the ball rolling.

Since pushups are one of the best full body workouts, you should expect to get great results in all parts of the body.

If you are new to this type of workout, it is considering starting with the basic pushups which involve using both hands.

From there, you can graduate to one arm and even clapping pushups.

Try to do as many as you can. The impact of pushups will be felt on your shoulder, back and chest areas.

3. Pilates

Full Body Workouts On A Mat - Pilates

With numerous health benefits to the body, there is no way that we are going to ignore pilates as one of the full body workouts that you can do on a mat.

These exercises can strengthen your joints, improve your posture and even do a full body conditioning.

Although you can do these exercises using a stability ball, there is a better and more convenient alternative – yoga mat.

Pilates exercises require you to be extra flexible. They are also the best alternatives for your cardio.

4. Barre

Full Body Workouts On A Mat - Barre

You don’t need a bar to perform barre moves. With the help of a mat, you can execute most barre moves from the comfort of your home.

Some of the barre workouts that you can comfortably do on a mat are:

  • Inner Thigh Lifts,
  • Walk-down Planks,
  • Half-moon Leg Lifts,
  • Forearm Plank Knee Taps,
  • Plie Pulse Series.

Barre workouts can increase your core strength, improve your stability, boost your flexibility and build your lower leg strength.

5. Mountain Climbers

Full Body Workouts On A Mat - Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are intense body exercises that can speed up your heart rate and, at the same time, stir up the activities of all your muscles.

Some of the muscles that are likely to be affected by mountain climbers include biceps, chest, triceps, and deltoids. For this reason, mountain climbers are one of our top 10 full body workouts.

Another exciting thing about these types of workouts is their accessibility. You don’t have to go to the gym to do them. Your body weight and a mat are the only things that you need.

Mountain climbers can be done by anyone, including children. You don’t need to buy kids gymnastics equipment to make them do mountain climbers.

6. Single-Leg Glute

Full Body Workouts On A Mat - Single Leg Glute

This is a perfect butt exercise that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Apart from the butt, this exercise will also strengthen your lower muscles.

While your back is on the yoga mat, lift your leg in the air and keep the other foot rooted on the ground.

Try to raise both your butt and the lower side of your back off the ground. Maintain this position while your leg is still on the air.

7. Bodyweight Squats

Full Body Workouts On A Mat - Squat

Bodyweight squats incorporate a series of repeated movements whose effects can be felt in every part of the body.

The most affected parts are hips, calves, core, hamstrings, and back.

In addition to strengthening different muscle groups, this workout routine can boost the production of anabolic hormones.

If you are looking for exercises to get rid of cellulite, consider including bodyweight squats.

To do the squats, stand upright with your feet apart. Keep your hand in front (or behind) your head then lower your body to assume the squat position.

Keep your back straight and ensure that your thighs are parallel with the ground. Then return to the starting position.

8. Planks

To do planks, you only need your weight and a yoga mat.

Use your arms and toes to support your body weight. Pull your belly button towards the spine.

Although you will feel some pain in the abs, try to maintain the position for 1-2 minutes.

9. Opposite Arm And Leg Lift

Full Body Workouts On A Mat - Opposite Arm And Leg Lift

This is one of the best full body workouts that really engage the core. It will require you to apply some of the yoga tricks that you have learned.

Start by balancing on your four limbs. Spread your right arm and left leg out and try to remain in that position for 10 seconds.

Do the same for the left arm and right leg. Try to do 15 reps for each position.

10. The Roll-Up

Full Body Workouts On A Mat - The Roll Up

This is one of the easiest full body workouts that you can do on your yoga mat.

While keeping your back on the mat, stretch your arms behind.

Take a deep breath then start getting into a sitting position with your hands above the head.

Exhale then go back to the initial position.

All the above full body workouts have been proven to be effective. You only need a mat or interlocking carpet tiles to do these exercises.

Keep in mind that consistency and discipline will determine whether you succeed in these exercises or not.

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