Full Body Workout To Build Body Muscle

Full Body Workout To Build Body Muscle

I offer you a full body workout in 2 steps that will ensure rapid muscle growth in just 20 weeks, using specific equipment such as bars and dumbbells, and your own body weight.

The 3 phases / stages are: neuromuscular adaptation, conditioning and maximization. In principle, these workouts are for those who are beginners in bodybuilding and want to be more efficient, not to spend time among devices.

3 Steps To A Full Body Workout

Step 1 – neuromuscular adaptation. Weights will be moderated. In these 4 weeks, attention should focus on learning proper exercise, you’ll see that the execution will be flawless and develop the habit of regularly go to the gym and not skip workouts without serious motivation! You have 2 workouts per week, training will be identical.

Step 2 – conditioning, early muscle development. This is another phase of 4 weeks of the full body workout during which you will train 3 times a week. You will learn about what are your limits, how much you can afford to force yourself on each exercise. Sets will be maximized and you will begin to grow in strength and muscle mass at a rate considerably.

Step 3 – maximizing muscle built. This is the stage of 12 weeks in which you increase the number of workouts per week to 4 workouts. The format of these workouts will be like upper / lower body. You will develop a maximum power using conventional reps for muscle growth and you will not waste a set of exercises.

Maximizing Sets = Maximizing Effort

Stage 1 – This stage is where you do tests. Start with a moderate weight and increases a little when you complete sets relatively easy. Do not rush to increase the weight! First you want to develop consistent and understand the correct execution of the exercises. When you start working at a satisfactory pace, then slowly add weight.

Step 2 – Once you have mastered the correct execution, you begin to focus and get the reps push increasingly more. You don’t want to train to exhaustion and to perform reps with a wrong execution. Add weight when you reach the recommended number of repetitions per set.

Step 3 – Strive to obtain the maximum number of repetitions possible for each set without exceptions. Do not waste any set. Stop each set when you feel like you can not run the next iteration, or if you already are inadequate. Add weight when you reach the recommended number of repetitions in a set.

See the program for all 20 weeks here: Workout Example For Bodybuilding Beginners.

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