Pilates | 5 Home Easy Exercises

Pilates | 5 Home Easy Exercises

Since I brought up Pilates in a previous article, let’s see what this is about. Pilates is a body conditioning routine that may help build flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance in the legs, abdominals, arms, hips, and back. But better let’s see some pilates exercises. We have prepared five exercises you can do at home, casually:

1. Pilates: Balance And Equilibrium

This move from Pilates manual develops and improves balance. It works alternating feet and required 20 repetitions. Stand on one leg, stretch your arms sideways, lift the other leg at 45 degrees, bend and stretch it. Switch legs and stretch it to 45 degrees. Rotate the opposite arm of the high leg. With this exercise you do warm up too.

Pilates Balance Exercise

2. Pilates: Bike Ramp

This exercise mimics on the ground movements that we normally do on the bike. Theoretically, stay hip and get your foot in the front, back or side. It thus strengthens the hip, thigh, adductor muscles and buttocks. For each leg, you need 10 reps daily.

Exercise is not difficult, but for any beginner, a mattress is required to to the exercises. The good thing is the fact that this movement does not require warming up and can be done without problems including home.

This exercises are for working out at home only after you learn perfect, otherwise you risk not having results. Pilates supposed that you use your body strength and contains over 600 moves. They’re exempt from gym workouts. During these exercises, it is good to drink water.


3. Pilates: Like In Water

Here’s a great move for the back muscles, but also the buttocks or abdominals. You sit on the abdomen and lean on forearms. Then, lift your chest. You need 8 to 10 reps. Then you move and stretch your arms for 8-10 times. Subsequently, the side arms go back with palm up.

4. Pilates: Gorgeous Thighs

Large gym ball is held tightly between your ankles. From lying sideways up your legs and repeat 8-10 times. From the starting position, lift your shoulders and do 8-10 reps on each side.

Then raise your torso and legs at the same time and repeat 10 times. And finally, keep your legs and raise your shoulders for 10 seconds. Repeat 3 times. In this way you practice your thighs, and abdominals. These exercises help you look your great in a swimsuit.

Gym ball can be purchased in any sporting goods store and has a low price. If is properly inflated, it can support 400 pounds. It is ideal if you perform the exercises correctly. Thanks to them, you will not have problems with digestion.

At first, your exercise will seem heavier because of instability, but you quickly get used to the new equilibrium. If your height is less than 5.2 feet, the ball should be 1.3 feet in diameter, if you have until 5.7 feet, diameter should be 1.8 feet and over 5.7  you choose a ball with a diameter of 2.1 feet.


5. Pilates: For real ladies

Sit back with your legs stretched out to 90 degrees. The ball is held by ankles. Feet away and catch the ball in his hands, then throw it up and catch it with your ankles. It takes 16 repetitions. Stay back, arms go along trunk and keep the ball with your ankles.

Then lift your legs up over your head, touch the ground and do 10 reps. This movement works both your abdominal muscles and muscles of the leg and back. And offers you, especially when you walk on high heels, a streight position.


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