Unhealthy Eating Habits That Can Harm Your Kid’s Teeth

Unhealthy Eating Habits That Can Harm Your Kid’s Teeth

As a parent, you put in lots of effort to take care of your little ones. But these unhealthy eating habits can really harm your kid’s teeth.

Apart from taking your kids for regular scheduled dental and doctor appointments, ensuring they get enough exercise, and packing healthy lunches for them, it is important to look for more ways to you help your little ones to grow healthy and happy in the best possible way.

Furthermore, you need to check that the daily eating habits of your kids aren’t taking a toll on their dental health.

Unhealthy Eating Habits For Kids’ Teeth

Here are some common unhealthy eating habits that can easily harm your child’s teeth:

1. Sweets Between Meals

While most kids enjoy their daily schedules of eating snacks in between meals, consuming the wrong food types could cause tooth decay.

Therefore, allowing your little ones to nosh on things like sweets, candy, and other sugary snacks could have damaging effects on their teeth.

Instead, you should opt for healthier snacks that contain complex carb (let them eat fruits as opposed to candy).

2. Eating Lots Of Bread, Pasta, And Chips

The starches from white flour are commonly referred to as simple carbohydrates. These break down and transform into sugars in your body which can cause tooth decay.

Note that eating chips as a snack is not recommended because it provides no nutritional value and the starch adheres to teeth.

Instead of feeding your child pasta and bread produced using white flour, choose the whole wheat options.

3. Swallowing Toothpaste

Fluoride is a natural cavity fighter, which is good for young teeth. In communities with water systems containing insufficient amounts of fluoride, dentists suggest fluoride supplements.

Dr. David B. Wiley, a Portland dentist from Uptown Family Dental, says that fluoride treatment presents a great way to safeguard young teeth from potential harm. Also, the treatment can be used to remineralize the areas experiencing mineral loss.

However, exposure to an excessive amount of fluoride causes fluorosis. This is a condition characterized by brown or white spots on the teeth of kids.

While kids find a lot of fun in playing with toothpaste, be sure to teach them not to swallow, especially if the toothpaste contains a considerable amount of fluoride.

4. Chugging Sodas

The carbonated sugary sodas and numerous other soft drinks cause great harm to everyone’s teeth. But they can even be more harmful to children’s newly erupted teeth.

Statistics indicate that more than 20% of kids aged between 1-2 years are exposed to carbonated sugary drinks every day. Therefore, do not expose your child to these drinks.

Instead, you should resort to giving your child a healthier start for good oral health. Do this by helping him or her to make nutritious and safe beverage and food choices.

Since you want the best for your child, do not forget about the importance of proper dental care.

You might find it necessary to wedge in proper oral hygiene between the enjoyable soccer games, dinner, homework, sleepovers, and family time. Do it by helping your children realize the importance and the need to prioritize dental care to allow the little ones to enjoy having healthier teeth.

Furthermore, you need to make sure your child does not indulge in the unhealthy eating habits discussed above to avoid teeth problems.

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