French Women Do Not Get Fat | Their Secret Unveiled

French Women Do Not Get Fat | Their Secret Unveiled

French women are feminine, sociable, stylish and have a lifestyle desired by all women in the world. They seem to eat whatever they please and still not gain weight. The success of their lifestyle seems to be chocolate, love, diversity and last but not least balance.

“French women do not get fat, but enjoy bread and pastry, wine and regular meals, three dishes. Seems impossible to have it all, but if they can, it means that we all can.

Many blame their system and tricks inherited from the women in the family, but that does not mean that French women do not take care to eat in moderation. Often, celebrities born in France recognize that they don’t diet and do not go to gym, that’s because they have a lifestyle organized from the start: eat balanced and walk a lot.

Why French Women Do Not Get Fat

Their secret summarized in one sentence is something like this: “No guilt, no voluntary deprivation, but to learn how to enjoy the most of things you like the most.”

Like in fashion, less is more – less quantity at a table means more meals per day. You have to determine which is the most important meal of the day and it all starts here: the morning eat, but less to get tired three course lunch and evening censor your appetite with soup and maybe a dessert (fruit preferred ).

Like its author, Mireille Guiliano, we’re not talking about a specific diet, but about how you can shape the habits, to have a healthy lifestyle, to be strong and happy.

An important tip from the French women is to prepare your own meals and how often you can, take advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables. French women try not to eat standing, nor watch TV during meals, make a meal and socialize with the loved ones.

“Tout est une question d’attitude” and indeed it is, it is an attitude problem, you always have to feel good about yourself.

The French Women Secret

  • French women eat smaller portions of more things.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits.
  • They appreciate bread and not conceive a life without carbs.
  • Do not eat “fat free”, “sugar free”, but looking to eat everything in moderation, good and natural.
  • French women are crazy about chocolate, but they dosed their food, drink and exercises after a weekly schedule.
  • Do not weigh often, prefer to control with the hands (their own or their lover’s), eyes and clothing when they gained weight.
  • Eat three meals a day and do not always chew something.
  • Do not expect to be hungry and they are not bloated after a meal.
  • Experience, but don’t like stiff drink because alcohol gain weight. However, at the table prefer a glass of wine or champagne.
  • Drink water all day.
  • Believe that eating at home is as sensual and romantic as eating in a restaurant.
  • French women even arrange for garbage. Yes, there are so stubborn.
  • Love fashion and they know you can get away with a stylish haircut, a bottle of Champagne and a divine perfume.
  • They know that “maigrir fait l’amour” (love makes you lose weight).
  • Avoid anything that requires too much effort for too little pleasure.

In the end, one more thing I will say to you: like any woman, and the French woman longer lose the daily bustle, but always returns to the balanced path.


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