Mushrooms | Protein Source For Meatless Diets

Mushrooms | Protein Source For Meatless Diets

Edible Mushrooms

The edible mushrooms are used not only as food but in pharmacology. Their nutrients content is remarkable: 30-40 percent of their dry weight are proteins (meat has 15-25 percent). Mushrooms also contain almost all mineral elements necessary for human body, and vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D. Therefore, they have as main characteristics, organic brain stimulation and remineralization of the body.

Eating them is indicated in cases of anemia, physical and mental fatigue, demineralization, meatless diets. Use them raw in salads, cooked in soups and other popular dishes. The most popular edible mushrooms such as white fungus, Pleurotus.

Poisonous Mushrooms

Much care requires forest mushroom mixture, which can slip and toxic mushrooms. Toxins from mushrooms are the most powerful in the world of plants and any excess is absolutely lethal dose. It is full of such cases, especially for autumn, throughout the media. This is because poisonous species are not well understood. Now a long time, peasants, even illiterate, knew from the old people the types of poisonous mushrooms, and even had remedies and antidote for accidental consumption of them.


– Organic and cerebral stimulants;
– Remineralizing.


– Anemia, fatigue;
– Etching;
– Meatless regimes (obesity).

Usage (depending on the species):

– Raw (in salads);
– Cooked;
– Roasted.

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