Cold Tea Recommended In Summer

Cold Tea Recommended In Summer

In summer, hydration is a priority for our health. Although water is considered the most important source of nourishment, often opt for completely unhealthy drinks that do not even quench our thirst. A tasty and healthy alternative to commercially available drinks are cold teas prepared in the home. Find out how you can prepare an iced tea and the benefits of cold tea consumption on body.

Cold teas satisfy the need for hydration and are extremely beneficial in weight loss. How many times have we heard the recommendation: “If you’re hungry, drink water ‘? We can easily fool hunger or cravings with cold tea, especially as it tastes more pleasant than water.

Homemade Tea vs Tea Trade

A homemade iced tea is full of antioxidants (nutrients from foods that can prevent and slow the oxidative damage to the body) and has very few calories. In addition, it doesn’t contain food additives as the trade teas. Besides some tea extracts, tea composition that we buy in supermarkets is comparable to that of soda. A quantity of only 100 ml of cold trade tea brings 30 calories and 7.1 g sugar levels comparable to 42 calories and 10.5 g sugar for sodas.

In addition, homemade cold teas do not have a very high concentration of theine, a molecule that we know rather as the caffeine and can cause insomnia and restlessness.

The ingredients used to make cold teas are generally the same, just different way of cooking. You can use loose tea or tea bags.

Cold Tea Recommended In Summer

Cold Tea

  • Put cold water in a large container that can be closed;
  • Add 3-4 teaspoons of tea per liter of water (you can opt for green tea, black tea, white or herbal) / 3-4 tea bags;
  • In the case of green, black or white tea, add 6 tablespoons of fruit juice or 10 mint leaves to the flavor (no precise doses, it all depends on your taste) or 3 slices of lemon; you can flavor it also with pieces of fruits or spices;
  • If you like to drink it sweet, add sugar, maple syrup, honey or sweetener (aspartame, stevia, xylitol).
  • Shake the bottle, then stick it in the refrigerator, where it will stay all night. The next day, strain it and keep only liquid. Add a few ice cubes and get one of the best and healthiest drinks that can be consumed in hot weather.

Tea Made At Room Temperature

Put cold water in a large container that you can close it;
Add 8 teaspoons per liter of water / 8 bags;
If you want to amplify flavor, add juice of peach, lemon or mint leaves;
If you prefer sweet, add sugar, honey or sweeteners.
Leave it to infuse at room temperature and stir from time to time in it for an hour, then strain it and keep it in the refrigerator or at room temperature, as desired.

Hot Tea Preparation

It is easier and faster to accomplish. Prepare it in the classical way, by boiling in a pot or kettle. If desired, add fruit juice and sugar and put it in the refrigerator.


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