The Best Home Workout Resources You Can Find Online

The Best Home Workout Resources You Can Find Online

Sometimes you feel like exercising at home. For those days, check out this collection with my favorite home workout resources online.

It’s not always a walk in the park to incorporate exercise into your daily life.

At this point in time, it’s common knowledge that a consistent regimen of physical activity not only can help people lose weight, de-stress, and feel confident in their bodies, but can even prevent some health issues in the long run.

Even still, it takes extensive dedication and energy to find a balance between daily responsibilities and a consistent workout routine.

In this fast-paced world, we don’t all have the time or financial resources to go to the gym every day. Many folks don’t even know what types of exercise they might enjoy, because there are so many options out there.

But there is, in fact, an immense community of easily accessible, incredibly affordable, and extremely enjoyable workout programs online that you can participate in from anywhere.

With sites like Xerofit or YouTube, it is easier than ever for talented personal trainers all over the world to develop businesses online and share their knowledge and enthusiasm with anyone who tunes in.

If you’re looking to jump into an at-home exercise program, here are a few of the top contenders online today that are worth checking out.

Best Online Home Workout Resources

Here are my top three favorite home workout resources (you can find them on YouTube with the same name):

1. Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender

YouTube Channel of Fitness Blender


Fitness Blender, founded by married fitness power couple Daniel and Kelli, is an incredible online forum that honestly has something for everyone.

From HIIT to Pilates to strength training to step, the duo has created a massive online archive of workout videos that are free to stream on their website or on YouTube.

Offering various levels of intensity and lengths, the workouts created by Fitness Blender are incredibly accessible and easy to follow.

But the team is also honest about their own fitness journey. They don’t stage their workout videos in a way that makes them look easy. Sometimes they take breaks to pause and catch their breath during intense intervals.

Led by very real people who are eager to educate and help others thrive, Fitness Blender is a great place to begin any personal exercise journey.

Plus, the team has dozens of month-long programs and meal plans available for purchase at extremely low rates.

2. Yoga With Adriene

Yoga With Adriene

Yoga With Adriene YouTube Channel

Just a few years, Yoga with Adriene grew from a small online yoga community to a worldwide movement that is helping individuals all over the globe “find what feels good.”

Adriene, an Austin, TX-based yoga teacher, initially began with just a YouTube channel to share yoga videos.

She has since toured numerous countries, leading workshops and participating in the global yoga scene.

She is an absolute joy to develop a home practice with, guiding people of all levels and ages through yoga practices with humor, compassion, and an emphasis on individuality.

Adriene’s website and YouTube channel feature dozens of categories of videos, ranging from yoga for specific healing and pain (such as lower back or neck injuries) to more exercise-driven practices that focus on strengthening different muscles groups.

She regularly releases 30-day yoga challenges, where home yogis can follow along with her and thousands of others worldwide.

Through it all, Adriene remains gracious and fun, standing by her belief that yoga is for everybody and every body.

If you have any interest in yoga as a form of exercise or as a spiritual practice, Yoga with Adriene is a great place to begin.

3. Blogilates


Blogilates YouTube Channel

Another great resource for those beginning an exercise journey or just trying to develop a home routine that works with their busy schedule is Blogilates.

Created by an LA fitness instructor named Cassie, this online community is an awesome place to go if you want to be motivated to get up and get moving.

Cassie guides viewers through many types of exercise routines, but her signature style has been coined POP Pilates.

POP is an awesome fusion of Pilates and pop music that features unique Pilates-inspired movement and has a way of motivating participants to really give their all.

So if you like working up a sweat to fun tunes and being enthusiastically encouraged by a skilled trainer, Blogilates may be the place for you.

Hopefully, these online home workout resources picked by me will inspire you. Stay fit!

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