5 Reasons It’s Important To Match Your Bike To Your Body Type

5 Reasons It’s Important To Match Your Bike To Your Body Type

Despite the type of your body, there will always be a perfect bike for you. Here is why choosing the right bike is important for your health.

When is the last time you rode a bike? Biking is known as great exercise, but if you don’t have the right fit, it can be pretty uncomfortable to ride for long.

Whether you’re just picking up biking again after years on your feet, or you’re an avid rider, it is important to have the right fit.

From bikes for short people to those made for tall people and everyone between, finding the right fit is essential for a smooth ride.

Finding The Right Bike For Your Body Type

Check out these reasons you need the right bike for your body type:

1. It Keeps You Comfortable

Even when you’re simply sitting on a chair, you know that the right fit is necessary for comfort, and the same goes for your bike.

Spending hours on your local bike trails requires a seat that allows you to sit comfortably.

If your bike seat is too small, you’ll start to feel as if you’re teetering precariously on the edge as you ride and likely won’t ride for as long as if you had a well-fitting seat.

Even if you did push through the ride, you’d spend the rest of your day (or longer) feeling sore.

2. The Right Bike Prevents Muscle Strain And Injury

The size of your bike frame is essential as well. The height of the frame must match your height to ensure you can pedal comfortably.

A frame that is too short will cause your knees to strain as you pedal upwards, but one that is too tall will stretch your spine too far as you struggle to reach the bottom of the pedals.

You’ll end each bike ride feeling more strain than necessary, and the problem could become chronic if you ride often.

Someone who is about 5’4″ only needs a 15-inch frame, but someone who is 6 feet tall will need one that is 17 to 19 inches tall.

Weight also factors into the type of frame you need. A larger person will need a sturdier frame.

3. It Affects How You Ride

Different bike frames and tires are made for different types of riding. Someone who is riding paved trails in a park or who rides in marathons will need a thinner, more aerodynamic frame for speed and easy maneuverability.

Someone who prefers to go “off-road” and ride in mountain trails or other rough terrains will need a thicker frame and thicker tires with more tread to make it over rocks, streams, and other rough patches of land.

4. The Right Bike Should Be Easy To Adjust

Finding a bike that is easy to adjust as needed is important. Perhaps you sometimes ride uphill more often than other times and need to make the bike easier to pedal.

Maybe you have gained or lost weight and would like a new seat to reflect the changes in comfort.

A bike that is easy to adjust or change out components on is essential for maintaining a smooth ride for years to come.

5. It Can Affect Your Balance

The right bike fit is necessary to prevent falls or injuries. Poor balance related to a too-short or -tall bike or a bad cleat fit can cause you to move too slowly or be unable to turn or stop as quickly as needed, making it a fall risk.

Whether you’re in your early 20s and starting a new hobby or seeking the best bikes for seniors so you can take up an old hobby again, consider these tips to help you get the right bike for you. Your body will thank you!

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