Live Longer By Walking Faster Every Day!

Live Longer By Walking Faster Every Day!

When you think of doing sport, you’re thinking to a better and healthier lifestyle, right? But have you ever think about how many years you’ll live longer only if you walk faster? Some scientists thought about this and here are their answers:

Are You Riding Your Bike?

If you choose cycling as a way to travel to work, not only you save money and can boast to be eco, but can live up to five years longer than those who are not cycling at the amateur level.

Swim And You’re Live Longer

A 2009 analysis shows that men who regularly swim pose a risk of death with 50 % lower than nonathletes . Also , swimming has proven to be more effective in prolonging life expectancy than brisk walking , for example , mortality rates among swimmers is much lower than among practitioners of other sports.

Walking Quickly

A study in 2011 revealed that people walk with a normally speed of one meter per second. But those who rush a little and go faster with at least two meters per second live longer than their more slow persons.

15 Minutes Workout

Often the recommended 30 minutes of exercise every day missing in your daily schedule , always overloaded . But scientists have determined that many people can break their schedule and practice 15 minutes of fitness moves daily. Maybe you can do it too! Reason: You add three years to life expectancy , according to a Reuters survey . So be it stretching, squats , crunches and other exercises, 15 minutes of exercise a day can help you both silhouette and health.

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