How Mastectomy Bras Will Help You Post Treatment

How Mastectomy Bras Will Help You Post Treatment

Mastectomy bras can help you regain your confidence by getting your feminine shape back after surgery. Here’s how this special bra can change your life.

Before jumping onto how a mastectomy bra can assist you post-treatment, let’s find out what is a mastectomy.

What Is Mastectomy?

A mastectomy is an operation during which the breast is removed. The operation can be carried out on both men and women.

It is performed when cancer has been diagnosed. Also, a mastectomy is often an operation of choice for those who have a high risk of developing breast cancer.

Certain genetic tendencies make some people more prone than others to developing the disease.

After a mastectomy has been performed, it can leave the person with not only the physical trauma to deal with but also the emotional trauma which very often comes as a result of the operation.

No matter how well prepared a person is, the after-effects can be very real.

Mastectomy Bras Can Be The Solution

After the operation, some may choose to have breast reconstruction surgery and some may not. This surgery can be performed shortly after the operation or it can be performed at a later date.

With any reconstructive surgery, there come risks and everyone will assess the risks differently.

A less invasive option would be to consider using a mastectomy bra. Many years ago, mastectomy bras were ugly and for those who had to wear what was available, it was not a terribly feminine experience at all.

Now, the bras look and feel very different and really do have feminine appeal. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors to suit individual tastes.

Different bras have different features which can be chosen according to your needs post-surgery.

How Can Mastectomy Bras Help You Post-Treatment?

Perhaps you have decided to have breast reconstruction surgery, perhaps you have not or perhaps you are still in the process of deciding.

Whatever your circumstances, a mastectomy bra will allow you to achieve the feminine shape that you had post-surgery, allowing you to wear your clothes confidently.

Mastectomy bras are made from soft, comfortable fabrics which will not cause any irritation to any wounds that you may have.

They come with a number of features that make it easy no matter what you can and can’t do.

Some, for example, are front fastening for those who find it difficult to stretch around the back. Some have no fastenings, some have no underwires. And some offer compression for those who have been recommended to use compression post-surgery.

Some come with pockets that would allow you to hold a surgical drain in place should you need to.

Mastectomy bras are made to look good, so whether you prefer a camisole type of bra, a vest-type bra, or a regular-cupped bra, there is a lot of choice in simple or lace-adorned fabrics.

There is no shortage of choice and in the same way that you would have chosen your regular bra, you can spend the same time shopping for your mastectomy bra.

There is no need to feel isolated, the choice is available because there is a demand. You are not the only person to have had the operation and that, for some, can be comforting to know.

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