How A Yoga Program Can Help You Tone Your Entire Body

How A Yoga Program Can Help You Tone Your Entire Body

Can a yoga program be effective for a weight loss journey? Can it burn fat, tone your muscles, and get you fit? Let’s find out!

Weight loss is on all our minds, no matter what we say. However, what we forget to understand is that while losing weight is excellent, toning your body is equally important.

If you only lose weight without focusing on the aspect of toning, you may end up with loose skin, sagging muscles, and a generally unattractive body. Being this is important, but being thin as well as toned is even better!

While you are certainly going to benefit from any exercise and diet regime that helps shed pounds, an option that also helps in toning your body is the best!

In this article, we’ll look at how yoga is useful when it comes to the toning of your body.

What Does Toning Mean Exactly?

In today’s increasingly fit world, toning has become a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot.

Toning refers to the process by which your body’s fat percentage decreases and more lean muscle is built. In this bargain, the body’s elemental composition is altered, leading to a more muscular and more defined body structure.

Resistance exercises are best known to help in toning. Such activities cause minuscule tears in the muscle during the workout. When these tears heal in the post-workout period, it leads to stronger muscles being built to replace the ones that were injured.

To maximize the toning effect on the body, the exercise regime should be sufficiently intense, while also combining a cooling down period afterward.

Exercises with little recovery time or gaps and continuous movements are perfect for achieving your toning goals.

What Is The Yoga Burn Program?

The Yoga Burn program is an excellent fat-burning workout option. Since it combines the ancient techniques and practices of Yoga with repetitive, high-intensity movements, it has a lot to offer to the process of toning the body.

The repetitions help your muscles get fatigued and the cooldown routine helps aid the process of building muscle.

Yoga actively aids weight loss. Specific yoga poses that engage target muscle groups can help in achieving a leaner, fitter and far more toned look.

Zoey Bray-Cotton’s Yoga Burn program can certainly be used by women of all ages to meet their weight loss and toning needs.

Yoga Program For Weight Loss

This yoga program consists of three simple enough phases – Foundational Flow, Transitional Flow, and Mastery Flow.

Four downloadable videos further supplement each phase. The follow-along videos are fairly straightforward, yet very useful in engaging and exercising the core muscles of your body, speeding up the process of weight loss. At the same time, they help in toning key muscle groups for a leaner appearance.

Here are the three yoga burn phases:

1. Foundational Flow

This phase focuses on building a strong foundation so that your body is accustomed to unusual movements. This ensures proper posture and balance while minimizing the risk of an injury from bad form.

The phase simply introduces movements and exercises that will help engage key muscles in the body, specifically the leg, back, shoulders, and arms.

By learning mindfulness as well as honing your ‘mind-body’ connection, you’ll get the most out of the benefits. The exercises in this phase are sure to help you in toning your body with regular practice.

2. Transitional Flow

After the foundational flow phase, the second segment of the Yoga Burn program begins.

Transitional Flow takes everything you’ve learned in the first stage and takes it to a new intensity, boosting the overall metabolic rate of the body. The heart rate also increases and your body’s muscles will get fatigued.

However, this is a good thing as it helps you build lean muscle in the long run, aiding your toning endeavors.

The Transitional Flow phase of this yoga program focuses on large muscle groups in the body and there are specific exercises for the core muscles, upper body and even lower body. Depending on your problem areas, you can focus on one kind of movement.

3. Mastery Flow

In this phase, you get the most toning benefit from the exercises. Since there is a shorter time span for you to complete the movements and you must do more repetitions, muscle fatigue sets in faster.

By the end of the second phase, you build greater resistance and strength, so this phase simply pushes you forward on the same track.

All important muscle group, including the arms, core, hips and even the waist area are engaged in this phase.

Women usually have trouble losing weight in the hip and waist areas. However, phase three of the Yoga Burn program targets the very problem areas that most people complain about and helps in toning these areas.

Aside from these three phases, the program is also equipped with a few bonus videos that add on to what you learn with the follow-along videos. These bonus videos help you relax your exerted muscles, speeding up muscle healing and ultimately aiding the process of toning your body completely.

Now, does a yoga program really help you lose weight? Yes, it does. And the best part is that yoga becomes a way of life, keeping all the fattening factors such as fast food, sedentary lifestyle, or hectic life away.

Just give the Yoga Burn program a try. It might change your life for the better. Namaste!

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