Towel Workout To Tone Your Body From Head To Toe

Towel Workout To Tone Your Body From Head To Toe

If you’re getting ready to go for a shower, before taking the shower let’s spend 15 minutes to tone the arms and back with just a towel. Yes, your good old fashion towel can be just as effective as working with dumbbells, machines or resistance band. I know all of you have at least one towel so let’s start this towel workout.

Towel workout

Let’s start by twisting our towel and making it into a rope. There will be a total of 5 exercises, each towel workout will be 50 seconds long with 10 seconds of rest.

1. Shoulder front full raise

Stand straight, bend from your waist and just lift the towel up and down. So throughout this towel workout I want you to have a strong resistance and to squeeze your shoulders. Do not let your towel go loose and always have a strong tension in your towel.

Shoulder front full raise

2. Lat pull down

Lift the towel up about shoulder width apart, pull it toward your chest and squeeze your back. You should really feel your back muscles working. Try to do as many repetitions as you can in one minute but do not rush and sacrifice proper form.

Lat pull down

3. Sliding/shifting push-ups

Get down to the floor, fold your towel and get on your knees, ready for sliding push-ups. Put one hand on the towel, slide it out, do a push up and slide it back in. Remember to keep your butt down.

Shifting push-ups

4. Triceps pull

Imagine you want to take a shower and scrubbing your back. Put one arm back and one forward and just pull up and down. Keep the tension in the towel.  At the second round you will change arms.

Triceps pull

5. Bicep Curls

Hold the towel with your palms facing up, put one knee on the towel and lock your elbows. Now do the bicep curls, lift the weight of your leg. Keep your leg relaxed and use your arms to lift the leg up.

Towel Workout Bicep Curls

When you finish this towel workout make sure you rest about one minute and then repeat it one more time. This time do the sliding push-ups and the triceps pull with the other hand. Do a total of 4 sets if the time is not your enemy.

Now that you’re sweating, grab your towel and wipe your sweat off, get into the shower and clean yourself up. This was your pre-shower workout: towel workout.


Here is a list of 10 great exercises you can do using a towel:

Towel workout

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