10 Easy Ways To Realistically Increase Fat Burning

10 Easy Ways To Realistically Increase Fat Burning

Looking to burn more calories and increase fat burning? Here are 10 simple and realistic tips to speed up your weight loss process.

We, at Fitneass, know weight loss isn’t easy. But you can make it more accessible if you follow some professional tips.

So below are our top 10 weight loss tips to realistically increase fat burning.

How To Realistically Increase Fat Burning

You should know that if you want to increase fat burning, you need to increase your metabolism. A higher metabolic rate helps you shed the extra pounds easier, faster, and safer.

So let’s see what you can do to boost your metabolism and help speed up your weight loss:

1. Morning Exercise

Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier every day and do a mini-workout to boost your metabolism and your mood too.

You don’t need to do complicated exercises, just some regular push-ups, squats, crunches, lunges, or jumping jacks. Choose easy exercises that increase your heart rate.

You only need 10 to 15 minutes of exercising in the morning to increase fat burning during the entire day.

Or if you have more than 15 minutes free in the morning you can try one of these morning exercise routines.

2. Raise Your Heart Rate

Try to find 10 opportunities during the day to increase your heart rate for at least one minute at a time.

This will help better oxygenate your brain, heart, and other organs. It will also increase the number of calories you burn in a day with at least 250.

For example, you can do walking lunges on your way to and from the bathroom. Or you can do 30 squats every time there’s a commercial on the TV.

You can find opportunities to boost your metabolism everywhere around you, so try to take advantage of every free minute you have.

3. Chill Your Room

I know this sounds crazy, since the hotter the temperature in your room is, the more you are sweating. But believe me, that sweat isn’t fat burning, it’s just water that your body uses to chill itself.

Instead, if you keep a chill temperature in your room your body needs to break fat cells to create energy that keeps your body warm.

So when you stay in a chill room your body burns about 40% more calories than if you’d stay in a warm one.

4. Chew Gum

Whenever you’re hungry between meals, chew some sugar-free gum. It will help you to curb cravings, burn some extra calories, and even consume less food during the next meal. (1)

5. Push Yourself

Whenever you feel like the exercise is done, just do a little more. Don’t stop at 8 reps if you feel you can do 2 more.

When running on the treadmill, don’t stop when the stopwatch does; run for 5 more minutes, or even 10.

Those extra minutes, or reps, or sets can increase fat burning by up to 20%.

So when you’re doing a 600-calorie workout you can end up burning more than 700 calories if you push yourself a little.

6. Focus On Legs

Let’s see why you should focus on your legs rather than on upper body exercises:

  • When performing bodyweight squats for 5 minutes you burn about 72 calories. (2)
  • In the same span of time, your body will burn only 36 calories if you do bicep curls. (3)

So as you can see you’ll burn twice more calories doing squats than bicep curls. This happens because your leg muscles are way bigger than your arm muscles and use a lot more energy.

Anyway, the best way to increase fat burning is to focus on your leg muscles, while not neglecting your upper body.

So feel free to combine leg exercises, such as squats, or lunges, with upper-body moves, as lateral dumbbell raises, or dumbbell flies. Here’s an example:

Make sure to really fire up your legs when working out.

7. Avoid Being Too Comfortable

Don’t make yourself comfortable on the couch when watching TV. Specialists say that if you sit on the floor while watching TV your body will burn more calories.

That’s because your muscles will be tenser while you try to find your best spot down there on the floor.

And that’s exactly what you need to increase fat burning. Hey… every calorie counts!

8. Do Grunt Work

Avoid emailing your colleagues from a different room or floor and go tell them the news in person.

Don’t forget to get up from your chair from time to time to water your plants, or refilling your water bottle.

And if you’re at home, go wash your dishes, take out the garbage, clean the windows, or vacuum clean your room.

You can definitely find some grunt work to do every 1-2 hours!

9. Exercise While Watching TV

Exercise is the key to losing weight. That’s why all these tips revolve around it. So again, this is another fun way to exercise every day.

Try to do a short, high-intensity exercise every time there’s a commercial while watching TV. I’d go for 10-20 squats or 20 jumping jacks.

If you’re binging on Netflix, there’s always a way to exercise during your favorite TV show. Make yourself a small workout plan with some exercises to perform every time something happens in the show.

Here’s a good example with a workout you can do while watching Game of Thrones.

10. Remind Yourself To Move

If you’re working in an office you already know how fast time flies when you’re too concentrated with your work.

So set your smartphone alarm to go off every 30 minutes as a reminder to leave your chair and stretch your body a couple of minutes.

This way you’ll always be aware to exercise; because the more you move, the more calories you burn.

Hopefully, these simple ways to turn up your calorie burn all day long will help you increase fat burning, boost your metabolism, and lose weight faster.

How To Realistically Increase Fat Burning

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