Morning Exercise Routine For Both Women And Men

Morning Exercise Routine For Both Women And Men

Most people choose to exercise in the evening for various reasons. Some have to reach work early in the morning, while others go to bed late and find it difficult to get up early. Research has proved that the best time to exercise is in the morning, since it has many benefits.

It sets a natural alarm in the body.

It ensures that the person goes to bed at a stipulated time and rises early as well.

It goes a long way in jump starting the metabolism. The metabolism remains in the elevated state for a longer period of time.

It also goes a long way in improving heart health.

A morning exercise routine varies from one person to another. You will have to make changes to the sample provided in this article, to suit your own needs.

Morning exercise routine

Morning Exercise Routine

It may not be possible for everyone to go a gym. Each of us can have different reasons for the same. However, not going to a gym should not be a hindrance for not exercising, as we are all aware of its importance. There are a number of activities, which you can easily do at home. They will give you the same, if not better, results.

Morning exercise routine

Morning exercise routine for men

Bodybuilding is the aim for most men. However, they are confused about the right program. The morning exercise routine given below will help you get a muscular ripped body, which you aim for.

Morning exercise routine for Men

Morning exercise routine for women

These days, a lot of women have started with morning exercise routines. These differ from those for men. At the same time, the number of repetitions along with the number of sets also are less. This morning exercise routine is one of the muscle toning workouts. You can modify it as per your needs and fitness level.

Morning exercise routine for Women

These were some sample regimens, which you can make use of. A lot of people ask about lifting weights in the morning. Before you do any activity, please remember to do some warm up. The same rule applies for weightlifting as well. If you do not do the warm up, there are high chances that you will injure yourself. I hope you enjoyed this morning exercise routine. Stay fit!

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