Workout Game While Watching Game of Thrones

Workout Game While Watching Game of Thrones

Every Sunday night, I plop down on the couch for an hour straight to watch my favorite show, Game of Thrones. It’s impossible to resist my love for dragons, action-packed battles, and the crazy power trips! But instead of sitting for an hour, I created a workout game that I do while the show is playing. It allows me to get in a good workout while watching.

The actors on Game of Thrones have been through countless hours of training in the art of one-on-one combat, boxing, sword training, and heavy weight lifting. They’re all in tip-top shape and ready for action. Now, let’s do the same while watching the drama unfold.

Game Of Thrones Workout Game:

Game of Thrones workout game

When someone says…

  • Iron Throne – 30 Second Wall Sit;
  • Khaleesi – 10 Front Kicks;
  • Robb – 5 Frog Squats;
  • War – 15 Squats;
  • Joffrey – 5 Lunges (each leg).

When you see…

  • The Three Eyed Crow – 10 Triceps Dips;
  • White Walker Kills Someone – 10 Burpees;
  • Someone Loses a Limb – 30 Seconds Mountain Climbers;
  • Dragons Flying – 30 Second Plank;
  • Bannermen – 20 Jumping Jacks.

When someone mentions…

  • The Seven Kingdoms – 7 Ninja Tuck Jumps;
  • Winter’s Coming – 10 Leg Raises;
  • Imp – 20 Crunches;
  • Littlefinger – 10 Calf Raises;
  • Kings Landing – 30 Arm Circles.


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