How To Stay In Shape When You’re Practicing Social Distancing

How To Stay In Shape When You’re Practicing Social Distancing

Social distancing does not mean you have to transform yourself into a couch potato. No! You can still work out even during the global quarantine. Here’s how.

Maybe you’ve worked hard these past few months with plenty of exercises and a healthy diet. You’re in the best shape of your life.

But now, the CDC is encouraging everyone to stay at home, and you’re worried that all of your good work will go to waste.

However, don’t panic. You can still stay in great shape while you’re cooped up.

How To Stay Healthy While Social Distancing

Here are some practical diet and exercise tips while you’re social distancing:

1. Stock Up On Healthy Snacks

When you’re stuck at home, you might turn to mindless snacking. After all, there’s not much else to do.

Don’t fall into this trap! Be mindful of what you eat and when you eat it. Are you actually hungry, or are you just bored?

When you do snack, choose nutrient and energy-rich foods such as nuts and fruits. Grocery store shelves are looking empty, but you can still find plenty of healthy options.

2. Avoid Ordering Out

Many restaurants are shutting down or limiting their capacity.

This is good news for you as it’s less tempting to go out to eat. Now, you must cook at home, which is usually much healthier and affordable.

Many restaurants, however, still have take out options available. They are delicious and convenient, but to-go orders will undo all of your hard work.

Do whatever it takes to avoid ordering out. Delete food delivery apps from your phone, and remind yourself that it’s not worth it.

Get excited about cooking at home. You can make meals for your family and experiment with new recipes!

3. Supplement When Necessary

Because everyone is panic buying, you may not have all the food you normally have. This means you might be lacking nutrients essential for your health.

Don’t be afraid to use products such as these detox and digestion supplements. They improve your digestive and immune systems, giving your body a much-needed boost!

4. Know That You Don’t Need A Gym

Just because the gyms closed doesn’t mean you can’t work out.

If you have equipment such as weights or a treadmill, then it’s easy to pick up right where you left off in the gym.

If you don’t have any equipment, here are some ways to exercise at home:

Follow Workout Videos

If you’re not sure where to start, go to YouTube. Plenty of fitness instructors have free workout videos.

You can follow them from your living room, and many don’t require any equipment. Here is a 20-minute workout example:

Exercise In Short Bursts Throughout The Day

This tip is especially great if you are working from home. After completing a few tasks, give yourself a break by doing pushups, situps, or squats. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to continue with your day.

All these workout breaks will add up until the end of the day and you’ll end up getting one hour of exercise without even realizing it.

Go For A Walk Or Run

As long as you maintain 6 feet between you and others, going for a walk or run is perfectly fine.

Bring your dog with you for companionship and to give them much-needed fresh air.

Hop On Your Bike

If you have a bike, take it for a ride around the neighborhood. This is another way to get some fresh air while exercising.

5. Stay Motivated

Perhaps the hardest part of all of this is staying motivated. You no longer have your gym buddies to hold you accountable. And maybe you’re just waiting for quarantine to be over before getting back into your routine.

There are still plenty of great ways to stay motivated:

  • Have members of your household join you for workouts.
  • Do a workout with a friend over FaceTime.
  • Start a group chat with your gym buddies so everyone can post pictures of workouts and healthy meals.

Nothing can prevent you from staying in great shape. Not even social distancing and a global pandemic. Remember that we’re all in this together and help motivate each other!

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