7 Things To Consider When Buying Compact Treadmills

7 Things To Consider When Buying Compact Treadmills

Looking for a treadmill but have little space for it? Your best shot would be one of those compact treadmills. So here’s our buying guide.

With no waiting for your turn, a personal compact treadmill will simplify a cardio workout whether you prefer walking, jogging or running along with its main benefit of being easier to store than bulky ones you find at the gym.

Most compact treadmills are designed to be foldable, making it easy to store out of the way for much-needed space if your home is small.

Since the market has quite a few choices, you should know more about compact treadmills and what to think about before you purchase.

Most consumers will start an online search for any product before buying. Searching online will help you narrow down your options. You can check the best compact treadmills here.

Buying Guide For Compact Treadmills

For now, here are seven pointers to get the most suitable compact treadmill for you:

1. Size

We know that compact treadmills are smaller than standard ones, but that doesn’t always mean they’re small.

Once you assemble it, you might find it still bigger than what you originally thought. This is especially true if you’re purchasing online and making a decision based on pictures of the treadmill.

Even what seems to be small in a shop, might still seem too big in a room.

You need to know its measurements as well as the measurements of your room, adding additional measurements in front of and behind the treadmill.

While you might be able to slip some treadmills under a bed, others are quite dense, 2-feet or more, and those don’t slide in under the bed unless the bed is quite high.

The foldable feature should also be easy to use because some are more complicated than others.

2. Weight

You should know how many people might be using the treadmill and how, since walking, jogging or running will have their own separate wear and tear on the machine.

Your purchase will differ if it’s for a single user or several users.

A usual mistake people make when purchasing is not considering the weight of each person expected to use the treadmill. They might go for the cheapest buy, but a person weighing 120 pounds isn’t like one who weighs 200 pounds in terms of how much the machine can take on.

Manufacturers will give you the maximum weight it carries, but they might be exaggerated at times, so experts advise to deduct about 50 pounds off the weight they tell you.

3. Belt Length

The running board on some compacts is not that long, which makes it suitable for walking or jogging, but less suitable for running. That’s because running uses longer strides, especially for tall people.

The smallest treadmills are around 45 inches lengthwise.

4. Stability

Sometimes you won’t feel stable on a compact treadmill. The cheap ones can feel flimsy and are flimsy.

If you try out any treadmill for 5 minutes, it’s probably going to feel stable, so you would need to try it out longer and at higher speeds.

Ditching good quality instead of paying some extra money isn’t always a great idea! So you need to check how stable it is.

5. Warranty

If all else fails that you cannot physically try out a potential purchase, at least make sure that there a good warranty that comes with the treadmill. This will assure you that you’re getting a quality treadmill.

A warranty should cover the motor, deck and belt, and the electronics. A good warranty will have 1 year for service, 2 years for parts, and 5 years for the motor.

6. Motor/Horsepower

Speaking about motors, it’s an essential component to be looking out for. The peak of horsepower isn’t as important as the motor.

For example, you want a treadmill with a good cooling system of the motor. This provides more longevity of the machine. An adequate motor is 2.0 and over.

7. Safety And Other Features

Out of all the features that can be available, safety tops the list. Your treadmill should come with basics such as a safety key that starts and stops it gradually.

Sturdy handrails also need to be checked that provide a good grip.

Other good features to have would be heart rate, distance, and speed showing up on a screen. This keeps you in turn with how your workout is going.

Of course, the more features it has, the more expensive it is. So make sure to find one that suits your budget.

Out of all home gym equipment bought, a compact treadmill is often the wisest choice that makes exercising at home easier and more convenient.

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