Mind Over Motivation: How To Stay Motivated And Stick To Your Fitness Goals

Mind Over Motivation: How To Stay Motivated And Stick To Your Fitness Goals

You start a new fitness routine. You’re energized and determined. You can’t wait to hit the beach. You can’t wait to run into your old flame and see the look on his face. But how do you stay motivated during the entire process?

5 Mind Tricks To Stay Motivated

Most of us take the wrong approach to weight loss. Focusing on numbers, like pounds and dress sizes, is rarely motivating long term. Not only that, but it’s highly stressful.

Here are some better ways to stay motivated while reaching your fitness goals:

1. Focus On Overall Improvement

Shedding 20 pounds is certainly not a bad thing, but your weight loss should be just one facet of an exciting new you.

Instead of picturing yourself skinny, picture yourself healthy, productive, confident, and happy. A good fitness routine is not just about body image.

2. Take Baby Steps

One Step At A Time To Stay Motivated

Most of us set broad, lofty goals but fail to define how we’re going to achieve them. Deciding to eat healthier is easy until you’re starving at lunchtime. The pizza joint is a block from the office.

Stay motivated by setting small goals and easing into your regimen. Start by trying to run 2 miles several times a week rather than 5 miles every day. As you build stamina, make your workout more difficult.

Use a calendar to chart your progress. It’s highly rewarding to watch those crossed-off days add up.

3. Dress For Success

Dress For Success To Stay Motivated

It’s hard to stay motivated when you’re not feeling comfortable or at your best. Treat yourself to some new exercise clothes.

Fabletics, for example, makes a great diversity of cute, inexpensive athleisure pieces that transition easily to casual street clothes.

4. Keep Moving

No Gym No Problem Workout To Stay Motivated

You can burn calories any time. If you miss a workout, flex your muscles at home with 5-pound free weights. Do some crunches. Run in place.

The longer we’re inactive, the louder our bodies protest the next workout. Even organizing a closet is better than nothing.

5. Spark Your Mind

Spark Your Mind To Stay Motivated

Don’t be so quick to switch on the TV when you’re on the treadmill.

When you exercise, your brain snaps to attention. Take advantage, and focus on yourself. Set new goals. Dare to dream. Solve a problem.

You’ll soon find yourself more alert, energetic and you’ll stay motivated with each workout.

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