7 Things You Need To Know About Hair Removal

7 Things You Need To Know About Hair Removal

There are some advancements in technology and techniques that have made hair removal smoother and simpler than ever before.

A century ago, shaving was seen more as a safety precaution than a beauty trend. During World War I, for example, shaving was marketed as a necessary way to prevent lice and other vermin from nesting your hair.

Women started shaving between World War I and World War II.

Before the 20th century, women removed hair only from the face and neck, which was basically the only part of their body that was not covered by clothes. And back then, women used homemade and industrial depilatory creams, not shaving razors.

But my god, how far have we gone. Nowadays, removing unwanted hair is just as part of our life as paying bills.

And we have come to the point that scheduling a visit to the beauty salon for epilation and waxing has become part of our monthly bills. We now calculate removing hair as part of our bills.

Innovation has come a long way in helping us remove unwanted hair with less irritation, and with more ease.

7 Things You Need To Know About Hair Removal

There are numerous procedures to remove hair such as shaving, waxing, using a laser, etc.

Hair Removal Tips And Facts

Here are seven advancements in technology and techniques that have made removing hair smoother than ever:

1. Women Razors Are Just As Good As Men Razors

Some 10 years ago, if you wanted a smooth and clean shaving, you had to steal your man’s razor. Not anymore.

Back then, the male’s razor had more blades, which was essential for providing a closer shave.

In the past few years, women’s products have closed the gap, with new women’s razors featuring up to five blades. This makes easier to eliminate hair on your legs with fever nicks and bumps.

And we now have shaving cream that can help you prepare your legs for shaving, making the experience less painful than ever.

2. Depilatories Are Now Odor-Free

When depilatories were first invented, they featured a strong scent due to chemicals like calcium thioglycolate and sodium hydroxide in them. These active ingredients helped dissolve hair.

Nowadays, these ingredients are still used, but manufacturers have paired them with pleasant scents that neutralize the odor.

And even more important, depilatories are no longer messy.

You can use a different formula, be it spray, cream, or gel, and they will help you get the job done in 10 minutes or less.

Newer products are less harsh thanks to hydration that prevent irritation.

3. You Do Not Have To Go To A Spa For A Clean Waxing

Going to the beauty salon for waxing has become a ritual for women. To be fair, they also go there to talk with the employees and chat.

Women have made their waxing ladies their best friends, as they are crucial to looking sexy and good.

But nowadays, there is no more need to go to the beauty salon or spa. You can get the same waxing results with the newest at-home waxing kits that contain professional-quality wax.

If you want a gentle wax, look for ingredients like glyceryl rosinate in the label. This ingredient makes the wax softer and more pliable.

4. Creams Slow Hair Growth

There was a time several years ago when people avoided hair removal creams because the belief was they accelerate hair growth. And that your hair will grow thicker and stronger. Not anymore.

Nowadays, best facial hair removal creams work even better at slowing hair growth.

Some women even report better results when treating their upper lips with cream than a laser removal.

The key ingredient is eflornithine, one that blocks the enzyme necessary for hair growth and keeps you smooth longer in between treatments.

5. Lasers Work On All Skin Types

Just 10 years ago, lasers were effective only on people who had dark hair and light skin.

Nowadays, however, laser hair removals can be used on the pigment in the hair, rather than pigment in the skin. That means you can use lasers for people with darker skin too.

Lasers nowadays work in the gradual destruction of the hair of about 20% per visit.

Lasers create heat, and that can make the treatment a bit painful. However, numbing gels help with the irritation and pain.

6. We’Ve Won The Battle And War With Ingrown Hair

Getting ingrown hair after a hair removal treatment is frustrating. Those unsightly bumps that flare up are just awful.

When you pull out hair from below the skin, you risk triggering ingrown hair.

Luckily for you, new products are more effective in preventing ingrown hair. But that means you have to treat your skin right.

Use products with pore-unclogging ingredients like salicylic and glycolic acid to prevent ingrown hair.

7. New Epilators Are Way Gentler Than Predecessors

The first time epilators appeared, these handheld machines that pull hair out by the root were painful. They first appeared in the 1980s as draconian devices that meant a lot of pain during the treatment.

But nowadays, we have electronic hair removal epilators that make hair removing pleasant and gentle.

The old epilators used a rotating coil that roughly pulls hair and your skin. New devices use rows of tiny tweezers to lift, loosen, and remove hair. You will still feel the stinging sensation, but it is far less painful.

Hopefully, you’ve learned something new and useful about different hair removal procedures and treatments. Put them in practice right now!

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