12 Professional Skincare Treatments Available In Beauty Clinics

12 Professional Skincare Treatments Available In Beauty Clinics

Professional skincare treatments such as laser, peeling, botox, and fillers are the foundation of any beauty clinic, franchise, or salon.

We all talk about taking care of others, family members, and friends. But we often forget about ourselves.

As we know, charity begins at home, taking care of others starts right from taking care of ourselves.

That is why taking care of ourselves is the first and foremost thing that we can at least do for ourselves.

Your look is an essential factor in today’s world. Your appearance, your presence speaks for yourself. No doubt, it enhances your acceptance in the world.

Because of scientific, technological, and medical advancement, taking care of your skin or look has become so much easy and affordable.

Nowadays, you can take complete care of your skin with professional help.

Today’s skincare regiment does not depend upon covering the flaws of your skin. They strive to prevent your weaknesses so that they can never occur to your skin.

That is why taking professional medical help for your total skincare is an essential to-do list in today’s world.

Surgical And Non-Surgical Skincare Treatments

To keep our skin devoid of any flaws, we turn to many cosmetic products and procedures. Many renowned brands within our reach can offer you a complete set of products to keep your skin beautiful and protected.

You will also find many skincare clinics that can perform cosmetic procedures to keep our skin healthy and beautiful.

Cosmetic surgery has become a thriving industry in the modern world. It has become so much affordable that people are rushing to these skincare clinics.

Earlier, we thought that cosmetic surgeries are for celebrities or movie stars because it costs a lot. But technology has brought this window of opportunity for ordinary people also.

Day by day, cosmetic surgeries or non-surgical cosmetic treatments have become cheaper. And ordinary people can now afford professional skincare treatments.

So let’s take a look over the most popular treatments that you can take advantage of in a beauty clinic.

12 Professional Skincare Treatments

Here is a list of 12 professional skincare treatments you can perform in such a beauty clinic:

1. Laser Treatments

There is a wide variety of laser treatments for people’s skin. They can help remove wrinkles, scars, skin tags, skin discoloration, and more.

The term “laser” stands for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. To put it in simple terms, we can say that the laser is a high energy light of a single wavelength. This light can be focused on the required area.

2. To Remove Fine Lines And Wrinkles

To remove fine lines and wrinkles, the duo of skin-tightening and skin resurfacing process works like magic.

In this regard, CO2 laser works like magic. Pulsed dye lasers are also unbeaten in this case.

3. Skin Tightening

Any cosmetic laser treatment causes a certain level of skin tightening. Why? You might ask. It is because cosmetic laser causes a controlled injury to your skin. It helps in collagen production.

For the best result, CO2 lasers are the best option for you.

4. Tattoo Removal

Getting at least one tattoo has become a trend in today’s world. But if you have done a permanent tattoo to your skin and after some years you want to remove it, then Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser is the best option for you.

5. Pigmented Lesions

If you have some dark spots in your skin caused by melasma, or nevus of OTA, or sunspots, or any other forms that cause hyperpigmentation, then again Nd:YAG laser could be the first choice for you.

6. Laser Hair Removal

The laser hair removal process can remove hair in the places where we do not want.

The removal of hair using the laser is dependent on the skin type:

7. Chemical Peels

Chemical peeling is a perfect option for the removal of dead skin cells or clogged pores from the surface of the skin.

This professional skincare treatment reveals the newer and brighter skin underneath.

There can be many types of chemical peeling:

  • Superficial peels such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs), and Jessner’s Peels;
  • Medium peels such as Trichloroacetic Acid Peels (TCA);
  • And deep peels such as Phenol Peels.

8. Glycolic Peeling

Glycolic acid has a tiny molecular structure. This gives glycolic acid the ability to go deep into the skin.

Once glycolic acid has reached the skin at a deeper level, it dissolves dead skin cells and reveals the brighter and smoother younger skin.

Glycolic peeling is a professional skincare treatment that can rejuvenate your skin and make it look younger and healthier.

9. Salicylic/Lactic/TCA Peeling

Salicylic acid can break the bonds that help in holding the skin cells together. This salicylic acid causes the skin to peel or shed away.

Lactic acid peeling offers a gentle strip of the skin and is usually used to treat black spots or hyperpigmentation.

10. Combined Chemical Peeling

A combination of different chemical peeling methods, as mentioned earlier, can also be used according to the requirement of the patients.

11. Botox Injection

As we age, the muscles of our face become loose. To treat this condition, Botox treatment has become very popular among celebrities or even ordinary people.

Botox cosmetically removes wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing muscles. It also helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Now, this is one of those professional skincare treatments that help you achieve younger-looking skin in a short time interval. But in the long run, botox is not recommended.

12. Fillers

Like botox treatment, fillers are also used to remove wrinkles or loose muscles. Unlike botox, fillers, as the name suggests, fill the area that causes wrinkles. It is also a viral non-surgical treatment.

Opening Your Own Beauty Clinic

Opening a beauty salon has become a million-dollar business idea for an entrepreneur.

Therefore, if you want to come to this billion-dollar market, then opening a beauty franchise is the easiest, hassle-free option for you.

So, as an entrepreneur, if you are looking for a beauty franchise to open, Dermani MEDSPA Franchising is right there for you. They will provide you with the safest environment for your patients.

The equipment in such beauty clinics is comprised of the latest technologies and machines for various surgical and non-surgical treatments.

They offer you a plethora of skincare treatment options (all the 12 above mentioned professional skincare treatments, and more), be it surgical or non-surgical.

All in all, a beauty franchise will help you in creating an environment that assures your clients of comfort, safety, and the promise of younger-looking skin.

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