The Most Effective Tips To Get Smooth And Shiny Hair 

The Most Effective Tips To Get Smooth And Shiny Hair 

Healthy shiny hair is every girl’s dream. But how do you get it? Well, there are no set rules, but some tips that have been shared over the ages are always effective.

Whatever you use on your hair has an impact on its health, so make sure that you opt for the best hair products. That’s my no one tips for shiny hair.

But there’s more! Follow the below-mentioned tips and make a perfect Instagrammable hair flip boomerang.

Top Tips For Shiny Hair

Here is how to maintain healthy shiny hair without breaking your bank account:

1. Regular Oiling Is A Must

One of the most effective yet ignored hair health routine is oiling your hair. There are times when you indulge in excessive hairstyling using high-heat tools without applying any heat protection serum or spray.

To compensate for the damage, follow the conventional call. Get a good massage using the best suitable hair oil and steam your hair properly.

Interestingly, not every hair oil is suitable for each hair type. So, here are a few suggestions:

  • For dry and frizzy hair, opt for Moroccan hair oil;
  • The itchy and dry scalp needs almond oil;
  • If you have fine hair, you can use Abyssinian oil;
  • Coconut oil makes the best choice for all hair types.

Choose wisely and massage your scalp gently.

Refrain From Washing Your Hair Too Often

2. Refrain From Washing Your Hair Too Often

We all want gorgeous locks that are dirt and sweat-free. And is often believed that washing your hair as often as possible might get you there.

However, this can alone be the reason that you cannot get to the free-flowing Rapunzel hair.

If you indulge in washing your hair too often, there are chances that you end up getting dry and brittle hair. Yes, it so happens when you wash off the natural oil from your scalp.

There are no rules or a specific count suggested for this, but you can ascertain your routine on the basis of the texture of your hair and your lifestyle.

3. Get Shiny Hair By Opting For Good Shampoo

If you have chemically-treated hair, there are possibilities that you have damaged your hair. It is suggested that you check what ingredients are present in the shampoo you have been using.

If your shampoo has paraben or sulfate components, you are driving your hair health to a damaging corner.

Paraben and sulfate loaded hair products result in a dry and itchy scalp, hair loss, and frizziness among other harmful effects.

Using natural hair products with herbal components will help in retaining natural oils in the hair, increases moisture and reduces chances of inflammation and irritation on the scalp.

4. Condition Your Hair Properly

Many women think that using a conditioner isn’t as necessary as a shampoo. But did you know that a conditioner is much more than a detangler?

It helps to moisturize the hair cuticles and makes them smooth and shiny by maintaining the pH levels after a rough shampoo session.

Get your hands on the right conditioner according to your hair type. Make sure that it doesn’t work heavily on your hair.

Use the conditioner correctly and rinse it off properly to seal the hair cuticles and get the maximum benefits. You can win half a battle with frizz and dryness just like that.

Condition Your Shiny Hair Properly

5. Do Not Skip The Serum

Using hair serum is also one of the essentials that must be there in your hair care routine.

A hair serum will allow you to fight your battle with frizz and damage. It adds an additional shine to your hair.

Make sure that you pick the hair serum wisely. Some hair serums have a thicker consistency. If you have such serum, let it sit on your palm for 5 to 6 seconds before applying and work towards the length of the hair in downwards direction.

6. Don’t Be Too Harsh On Wet Hair

Managing wet hair becomes a task and this is where most of us lose them. Styling your hair right after a shower is a big NO-NO.

Wait for your hair to dry a bit and then start applying heat protection serum or spray to style your locks.

Why would we suggest that? Well, it is important that your hair has the strength to hold and absorb the product.

After a shower, make sure that you pat dry your hair slightly and let them dry on their own. Using a cotton towel may result in breakage, so go for towel shammy instead.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, make sure that you go for regular trims, use hair masks every alternate week, and avoid using heat hair styling tools. These tips will give you the healthy shiny hair you’re looking for!

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