Get Rid Of The Quarantine Fat With These Exercises

Get Rid Of The Quarantine Fat With These Exercises

So this lockdown got you out of shape? No worries. You can get rid of the quarantine fat and get back in shape with these full-body exercises.

Just staying at home and doing nothing is a sure way to add a few unwanted pounds to our weight.

Since you have to stay at home because of the Coronavirus pandemic, you have to make a few changes to your lifestyle to continue staying active.

We can’t go to the gym and we are limited to doing outdoor activities within our backyards. So we might slowly transform into couch potatoes.

Maybe skipping a few gym sessions doesn’t sound that bad. But you replace the thing you can’t do, like your workouts, with the ones you can do such as eating when you’re bored and just chilling watching the TV.

A few days of laziness doesn’t hurt anybody. You can recharge your batteries and maybe sleep more and enjoy the time you have for yourself.

But when it comes to doing nothing all day and just staying in our jammies for weeks, that can lead to unwanted side effects.

You can end up messing your sleep schedule and adopting an unhealthy lifestyle. And this can even lead to a few extra pounds on the scale.

So how do we deal with the extra pounds and how can we get rid of the quarantine fat? Well, we must change our lifestyle, try a new diet, or rethink our workout routine.

So start with a healthy diet. There are a lot of diets you can try, the Keto, the Dukan, the Paleo, and the list can go on.

Then, incorporate physical exercise in your daily schedule. YouTube is full of workouts you can do at home, in your backyard, or even in your room. You can even do a different workout every day to avoid boredom.

But if you don’t know where to start, just simplify everything and start from the basics. Do these five bodyweight exercises that will help you burn the quarantine fat.

Home Exercises To Get Rid Of The Quarantine Fat

You don’t need a complicated workout routine that takes hours and you won’t even stick to it. Just get off the couch and do these exercises.

Here are five total-body moves you can do in the living room to get rid of the quarantine fat:

1. Push-Ups

This is a simple exercise that will help you build up your upper body strength. It will give your shoulder, pectorals, and triceps a good workout.

Make sure that you are doing it right, so you can even engage your core and lower back muscles too.

There is no need for any piece of equipment to perform the push-ups and you can do them literally anywhere.

If you are looking for a fast and effective way to build strength, then you need to do push-ups on a regular basis.

Start with just 5 push-ups a day, see how you build up your strength, and the next week do 10 repetitions every day.

Every week double the previous number of reps and group them in sets if needed. This is a sure way to build up strength progressively.

2. Jumping Rope

This exercise is a fun one. It can add some creativity to your routine and you don’t need to invest a lot of money to buy a jumping rope.

You just need a bit of space in a corner of your room and a timer (or you can count your jumps by yourself).

This is a great exercise that will help improve your coordination and strengthen your lower leg muscles.

You can bring your jumping rope with you anywhere and you can build up your own routine. If you never tried it, you can start slow with just 5 minutes of jumping rope a day. Then increase the time and the intensity with time.

So build up your own workout routine around this exercise and have fun while getting rid of the quarantine fat.

3. Squats

If you want to build up your leg muscles, this is an exercise that you need to do.

But squats don’t limit only to working your legs. It is the perfect exercise to tone and tighten your abs and glutes too.

If you like doing squats you can add a little challenge to them by changing up your usual squat to a wide-leg type. You can even use resistance bands to really work those leg muscles.

Just find some space in your home and start working your body with this simple exercise that will definitely challenge your lower body muscles.

4. Burpees

This is an intense full-body exercise that will transform your body into a fat-burning engine.

By doing burpees properly, you will burn a lot of calories and what is even better, you will speed up your metabolism throughout the day. This means that you will burn calories even after you are done with your exercise.

Get ready to do some serious fat burning and muscle strengthening with just one exercise. Zero equipment and limited space are needed when performing the burpee.

Give burpees a try and don’t be discouraged if at first, they seem really hard. That is because they are really hard, but the benefits from it will worth the hell you are going through when doing burpees.

5. Mountain Climbers

Just by doing mountain climbers, you will engage multiple muscles in your body, which will feel like getting a total body routine, all in one exercise.

This can be the exercise that will get you those six packs if you consistent and pick up the pace every time you can.

Start Now!

Get your butt off the couch and start doing these exercises if you want to get rid of the quarantine fat.

Enjoy every minute of your workout and feel your body becoming stronger and leaner.

Build up your own routine and start with 15 squats, 10 push-ups, 5 burpees, and 10 mountain climbers. Add a few minutes of jumping rope and you are done. Listen to your body and add more intensity to your routine when you are ready.

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